How to make a perfect squeeze page - Your advice needed

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Hi Warriors

This is my official squeeze page : newmoneyforcedotcom

Please comment and how can I improve it?
Is the product I provided attractive?
What would you add to the squeeze page?

All comment are welcome, I'm ready to take it.

My business model is give out all the best content I can find, it's about 1.2 G of material to download. and when prospect download their gifts, I show them another video about my "Get rich forever system". What is related to set up thier own business at home.

I'm aiming to contact with all those who are serious in their financial future, and offer them a solution.
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    Hey pull the email signup form to the top. 80-90% of people do NOT scroll down. Also remove (my opinion) the header. That way your headlines stand out. and more room for your form. This page looks more like a sales letter than a squeexepage Remember SQUEEZE page means your squeezing everything in there.
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    I cant' see it - Its not showing up

    Free Advanced Online Business Training

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      Originally Posted by JamesHughes View Post

      I cant' see it - Its not showing up
      take out the dot and make it .com

      I mistakenly did that too James LOL
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  • Profile picture of the author Devid Farah
    Hi Kin,

    I don't like how the squeeze page is structured, but good design in general, i would reduce the "sign up" buttons. and would follow Darren's advice to put the sign up form to the top.

    Try to make your headline more " Attention grabbing"..more "catchy".
    Do that starting change for example the font, and size. I would try with "impact", "tahoma", "trebuchet ms", "verdana" etc..
    Also make it a little bit bigger.

    Also you should brand yourself on your squeeze page. Put your name and a photo of you. This will help you a lot to begin the process of building a relationship with your subscribers.
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      Don't over cook it. Make it nice and simple.

      - A Title
      - A Headline
      - A time constraint
      - reassurance
      - And a name and email capture.

      Use Verdana and Arial fonts

      Cheers dude

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      • Profile picture of the author WhamSoft

        I don't think your squeeze page will be very effective for these reasons.

        Location of the optin form. You should move it closer to the top of the page at least above the fold.

        Optin button. Change it to download the gifts or Download now or Claim free gifts. Using the term signup will deter people from claiming your offer.

        Page layout. The layout is long and boring, make is short sweet and to the point a single image with all the products as a big bundle would work better that rows of random products.

        Weak offer. Focus on the headline and make a real impact, you want your readers to claim the offer. This is the sole purpose of a squeeze page, just focus on getting people to add their emails to your optin box and remove any other distractions or complications.

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  • Profile picture of the author Shaun OReilly
    Here's my observations...

    1. Cartoons?

    Test droping the cartoon banner altogether.

    I thought I'd landed on the homepage of a cartoonist
    rather than someone offering potentially useful information.

    The cartoons make the site look jokey and non-serious.

    2. Light Blue Background

    The light blue background just doesn't look or feel right to
    me. It just looks and feels sucky.

    3. Headline

    One of the first things that should leap off the page is
    your headline.

    At the moment it's buried beneath the banner because
    the garish cartoons draw the eyes and attention away
    from the headline.

    Plus, the headline sucks too.

    Use a headline that commands attention and gets me
    to want to read to find out more about you offer.

    4. Unfocused Offer

    At the moment, it seems like your offer is a bunch of
    ebooks on mutiple subjects just slapped together.

    Focus your offer to increase response.

    5. Optin Placement

    Have your opt-in box above the fold instead of buried
    down at the bottom of your page.

    I hope the above points help you.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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  • Profile picture of the author kin_lau
    Great advice, everyone. I'll redesign the page again.

    moreover, do you guys find the best squeeze page you ever come across? Please let me know. So I can learn from it.

    Many many thanks to you all.
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  • Profile picture of the author ben1ewis
    Really great advice everyone.

    I think it looks great but definitely put the opt in higher up the page.

    If keep the lower one in make sure you tell people how to sign up at the top of page

    well done
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  • Profile picture of the author George Katsoudas
    You need someone to proof read that page, urgently.

    The design is nice.
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  • Profile picture of the author RHert
    Everyone here has great advice on this and i agree. The cartoon characters and the way the words are done next to them throws me off. I'd normally just click off of it because it looks gimmicky and I've seen a million like it before. Also your copywriting on this isn't the best. It's a squeeze page which means it needs the best copywriting you can give.
    If you go to there's a blog that gives you suggestions on how to connect with people through copywriting and build that relationship from the first word.
    Copywriting at it's Best! - Tips and tricks to connect with your reader.
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