Internet Marketing In A Nutshell

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Internet Marketing seems like the Grand Canyon to the new crowd. It seems giant, deep, hard to climb out. It's all kinds of confusing to the ones who just want to come into this game and be successful. Let me show you that IM isn't that difficult...

Internet Marketing seems confusing because first hand, like I said, it seems HUGE. The gurus make it seem like never ending content. The truth is Internet Marketing is very small when broken down. Let me show you.

To succeed, what you need is:

  1. A converting offer
  2. A pre-sell page
  3. Traffic
See, now that is not a-lot is it? Not It isn't. So please stop thinking what the gurus launch is something "new" "shiney" because it's not. It's all based on the same principals. They just package it up in a way that it looks new.

Gurus are always selling the affiliate marketing dream. They put together a fancy sales letter and try to sell you a piece of software. It's usually a software to help you with your list building efforts, traffic generating efforts, link building etc. But what new guys don't realize is, all these products these gurus launch is based on the basics.

  • Find an affiliate product, or create your own product
  • Set up a pre-sell or squeeze page
  • Drive traffic to those pages
Guys this is all it will ever be. Don't let gurus confuse you. They are running a business. They sell you products because this is where they make there money. This is part of Internet Marketing. We start right here on the Warrior Forum, we learn to drive traffic to affiliate offers, we spend a few years on here learning and then we start launching products, before you know it, we are one of those guys we think that is bad "a guru". There are bad ones, and there are good ones. Please be an honest guru.

What I am trying to say is gurus is a part of us. We will someday graduate to one. So don't think there all bad. Some throw old and outdated information at you while others practice what they preach(I honestly think it's kind of hard to come up with any new ways to market right now) Why do I say that?

Well they have all been talked about. I'm sure down in the future, there will be more social sites launching, which will bring us more ways to drive traffic. But these type of sites get strict when Internet Marketers abuse there platform.

Let me tell you the ways we have to market

  • Social Sites, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Video Sites, Youtube, Dailymotion etc.
  • Search Engines, Google, Bing etc.
  • Article Marketing, Ezinearticles, Goarticles etc.
  • Document Sites
Gurus make it seem so much bigger then this. Don't let them frustrate you with all there "advanced" talk. What I suggest is to stick around the Warrior Forum for a while, stay in the main discussion forum and learn the basics. Get you a War Room membership. Hang out in there for a while. You will learn a-lot in there. Come here every day instead of buying every guru course to hit the internet. You will learn everything you need right here. I promise.

So what am I saying here? Internet Marketing is easy once you stop following other peoples plans. What you need to do is, learn the basics. Then put together your own plan, then put that plan into action. If it fails, Put together a new one and this time around you will most likely succeed.

Hope this thread was useful to some of you.

Thank you for reading.

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    You got it. Great post. Sometimes even those of us that have been doing this for awhile still forget that you have to keep it simple!!! Chasing different strategies and the latest thing usually doesn't get you very far.
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    This will help a lot of newbs in doing marketing online. I also suggest that people explore as many oppurtunities as possible such as selling domain names online or providing services for others. There is so much you can do to get a wide expanse of income.

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    This thread should be read by everyone. It is very revealing.

    Thanks Charles for sharing this.

    "Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." Brian Tracy
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    this really makes sense.. thanks charles

    btw, you mention document sites, what are they really? sorry I only know article sites so far thank you

    Yes, money CAN buy happiness IF you know where to spend it.

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    Internet Marketing is an affiliate tool for me.
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    You are right. As in anything that seems too big to handle; you need to break it down into small steps to take it to your ending goal.

    Internet marketing is the same thing. Break it down into the steps that you have posted and then break each of those steps down into more steps.

    Before you know it you have a very simplistic way of starting your internet marketing business.

    Good Post!
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    Nice post Charles we make this IM stuff way too complicated

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    Very simple and to the point - thank you!
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    That is very straight forward. There is a great chance that each one of use can be a guru and it depends to ourselves if we will choose to become a hyped guru or not. It is all about being real.

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    The best thread yet! I was looking to find it to post in another thread.
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      Great Post Charles...I'd Add Only 1-2 Things

      You also need some sort of "Unique Angle" and to be memorable.
      • Present your content in a cool way...not just bland facts.
      • Give people a sample for free of your killer content.
      • Give people more than what they pay for.

      ...but yeah, Charles is 100% correct.

      Good Stuff!

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    Not bad.

    It's an over-simplification and only looks at a small slice of internet marketing but it's good information for that group of marketers.

    What I mean, Set up a pre-sell or squeeze page, internet marketing doesn't revolve exclusively around squeeze pages, sales pages or list building. Those are only a small piece of the internet marketing and make money online world.

    The list of examples you gave as ways we have to market are a good example of additional way to make money online that don't involve Set up a pre-sell or squeeze page.

    It's a big internet, but yeah, internet marketing is not rocket science.
    It buys my product or it gets the hose
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    thanks man, I appreciate your perspective!


    It is Inevitable that I will Fall more than a few times, when I do, I will Fall Forward!

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    There are no other ways to does anybody make money...they need someone to buy. You need a form of a client by either going to find them or they finding you. Thats the whole point. Either someone is sold on you or you have to sell them on you. Whether it is some social site, job site, or, sales site like amazon/ebay. The forms change but the foundation doesn't. Traffic and, soft sell, or, hard sell, thats it.
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    Thanks for the awesome post guys!
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    Originally Posted by Charles_Glenn View Post

    The truth is Internet Marketing is very small when broken down. Let me show you.

    To succeed, what you need is:
    1. A converting offer
    2. A pre-sell page
    3. Traffic
    See, now that is not a-lot is it? Not It isn't. So please stop thinking what the gurus launch is something "new" "shiney" because it's not. It's all based on the same principals. They just package it up in a way that it looks new.
    Guys this is all it will ever be. Don't let gurus confuse you.

    If we're going for SIMPLIFICATION, let's get even more basic.

    The answer is: Solve Problems.

    Or, put another way: Serve Needs (or Desires).

    But saying that alone and leaving it at that will not help a beginner.

    The rest of IM coaching is connecting the dots and filling in the blanks.
    Sure, you can figure out the bits and pieces, like I did in 1995... but
    that was because NO ONE knew the answers or could teach them.

    To continue with that mindset today is the equivalent of using horse-
    driven buggies to get to places you want to go (instead of taking the
    car), or having messages hand delivered on papyrus scrolls (instead of
    using email).

    Indeed, some try to make it more confusing than it has to be.

    But don't make the equivalent mistake of assuming IM is a "piece of cake"
    and that winning at this game is "child's play".

    You'll find out it can be like playing with fire if you don't know HOW
    to do what you must do - and burnt fingers or crushed hope is a steep
    price to pay, too!

    Just saying

    All success
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  • Profile picture of the author Dean Jackson
    Thanks for this post - I hate how complicated and daunting internet marketing can seem to a green as grass rookie.

    The most important lesson I ever learned in this stuff was...


    Far too many people get caught up in the details... you know what I'm talking about. For some reason your page is a few milimetres off, or the colour just isnt right, or u need a plugin to do this and do that....


    What do you need at the CORE of internet marketing?

    1. A solution to your prospects problems (your product)

    2. A website to pre-sell customers (like a squeeze page or blog). This is also where you collect an email address to market to your pre-sold customers.

    3. Build a relationship with your "list", and offer valuable content, products that are actually USEFUL.

    4. Drive traffic... (tons of info on this out there already, find one, and stick with it!)

    Do not get caught up in the details! If you get stuck, don't be afraid to spend a few bucks for a pro to help you out.

    All the best,
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    Hey Charles,

    This is a great post and I agree with you entirely, you really laid down the basics here.
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