What Would be a Good Place to Sell Resale Rights to an EBook?

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A few months back, I wrote a couple of ebooks. I planned to build an email list and bring out a complete Clickbank product.

But after finishing the eBooks (related to IM), the plans got shelved as I got busy with college. Now I'm sitting on two eBooks that aren't doing anything for me, money wise.

I've thought of offering complete resale rights to the books, but don't quite know where to begin. From what I've read, Flippa would be a good platform, but I don't want to create a whole sales page. I've already offered the books as WSOs with some decent response, so even that option is out of the picture.

The way I see it, perhaps the only way would be to create a whole website with a strong sales page, and then perhaps put it up on Flippa. If this is a good way to go, where should I begin? Are there any sales letter templates that I can make things a bit easier? Any software scripts (not too expensive) that will take care of the payment and delivery? Since I don't want to market the books myself but offer the whole site + full rights for eBook on Flippa, I don't want to invest too much time in it.

I've never done this before, so if someone could point me in the right direction, it would be great!
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    You might make more money of you held on to the rights for the book and sold resale or MRR rights to it here in a WSO.

    If you sell it on Flippa, you will need to go to the trouble of making a minisite, designing the graphics, making a sales page and then once you sell the book it will be gone for good. You'll have to give up your rights to it. And, the whole thing with a website will probably only sell for around $150.

    I haven't looked in a while but last time I did ebooks with killer professionally done minisites complete with affiliate page, download page, sales page etc... could be had for $300.

    If you sold it in a WSO you could just sell it as an ebook (ebook cover would help) OR you could add the minisite and sales letter. Sell it as PLR or MRR and probably make more than you would at Flipps PLUS you can keep a license for yourself and still market the book at a later date if you want.

    Just a thought,

    Gone Fishing
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    I would try doing this with TradeBit.com I have bought some resale rights/PLR their so selling them should be no different.

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    I agree with Lee, you can sell them successfully on Flippa ! need to make a minisite, do design, make the sales page and then you sell the book once it will be gone for good.
    If all goes well, you can sell around $ 150 amount
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    Back when I was doing my doctorate I got stuck in a real rut. To take my mind of things I started writing a book on learning. With the pressure off, things got better and after finishing the book I went back to my studies and as the months went by simply forgot about the book.

    This is a pattern I've repeated several times in my life. Sometimes, I finish a book, sometimes I only get half way. 90% of an article I recently published in a scholarly journal sat in a folder on my laptop for two years.

    Basically, I understand what you're going through, when you look at a piece of work you've done that would be useful to someone, but you can't think of a way of getting the most out of it.
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      Thanks everybody.

      I'll see if I can offer it as a WSO. I've already got the graphics for one of the books made, so perhaps I can include them in the WSO. I'm not really keen on Flippa, because, as you guys have pointed out, it would involve making a minisite. With several mba school interviews just round the corner, I doubt if I'll be able to do that much.

      Tradebit also looks interesting...will look into it further.
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