Where Can I buy Used Domain Names

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Where Can I buy used domain names and what do I need to look for to help avoid googles sand box? How old do they need to be? Do they have to have been live active sites, or just parked somewhere? Do they have to have links already pointing to them etc?

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      For aged domains are good because the previous owner kept it for several years. Maybe there is something on the niche and need to explore.
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      There are tools and memberships that deal just with dropped or deleted domainnames.
      You can buy a " used" domainname at any registar as it's...not in use at the moment.

      When someone stops paying the bill for a domainname the domainname will be expired at the enddate. Then there is a grace period which varies per registar. In this period the original owner can reclaim the name without any problems. useally about a week - 10 days , then there if the owner ddin't reclaimed his/her domain there is an expiring period. Takes about 20-40 days in this period the registar sets the domain in the deletion corner. In this period i suspect the registar will use parking to see if it's profitable to hold on the doman

      When a domain enterd this stage it's also the stage that ppl are noticing it by software/memberships etc.

      After that the domain is deleted. This is the end period. If the domain has any high pr or a good name it will be registered again the split second it came available. There are servers out there trying to register domainnames each second at the given period that it drops

      But some domainnames slip thru the mazes and end up on the deleted lists where you and i can register them from without the help of any third party.

      Deleted Domain Names is a free tool to find domainnames that are dropped (not yet available thru normal registration and also deleted which are available)

      an other great tool is TDNAM Firesale Tools - Closeouts - Freshdrop.net you can buy pr3 domains for $5 with backlinks fi i saw just now this domain carinsurancequotes10
      1.info which has in Yahoo 34 backlinks and in Google 102 results and according to the check the PR is not fake.

      But all these domains were dropped. that means that google knows there was a moment that the domain was not registered to anybody. There is talk that a dropped domain looses it past pagerank and authority. My experience which is limited to several domains bought this way is mixed. I had a domainname that lost every pr on the new update and i had onces that kept it.

      But if you want to be more safe you should deal directly with the owner or go thru a middleman. Domains Forum has lots of sales but you have to be carefull not to get scammed with a domainname with fake pr
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    Godaddy has used domain names for sale so does Ebay.
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    How about: $6.25 domain name?
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    you can try with an expired domains .
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    Originally Posted by Johnny O View Post

    Where Can I buy used domain names and what do I need to look for to help avoid googles sand box?
    Not sure about the Google sandbox question because it's hard to find clear documentation that specifically spells out what it is and how a domain could end up trapped in it. If you are looking for a specific domain name that's currently registered but in the redemption period or something like that, see if you can find out what company (if any) the registrar is affiliated with in terms of dropped names. For example, if a domain name is currently registered with Dotster or one of its subsidiary registrars, most people agree that SnapNames is the best place to go to try and backorder/bid on a domain.
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