Is it in the numbers?

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I have been part of the Warrior Forum for a year now and have purchased several WSO's and I'm considering doing a test run on a particular technique.

I have been thinking of a way to make some extra money and only have found comments "which were negative" about this technique. But before I go into what I am thinking about trying, I would like to make two comments. The title of this thread is "Is it in the numbers?"

From 2006 until recently I sold pre-owned automobiles in an area with numerous dealerships competing for the same customers. My close rate and the close rate of the store averaged 8-11%. I Sometimes would take a walk and wonder where all these people came from and how amazing it was that day after day we sold vehicles. I realized that if you get enough people in front of your product you will sell some of it no matter what. Even on our worst days with the weather being bad and football games being broadcast on TV we would always make sales. No time in the 4.5 years that I sold for this store did we sell zero vehicles. "Is it a numbers game?"

As I was driving in my car a couple of days ago I heard on the radio that two men were arrested in another country for sending out emails to US residents stating that they were going to receive an inheritance from a family member or relative. The only thing this person needed to do was to send/wire money to a certain address to cover expenses. We all know that these are scams but these two men netted $10 million dollars before they were caught. This tells me no matter what you have to sell there will be those who will purchase it as long as you get your product in front of them. "is it a numbers game?"

This idea that I have isn't my own but I'm asking here if anyone has tried this and what were your results. I know that most if not all the info I have read in forums are negative but if it really is "a numbers game" then why couldn't this generate income?

There are several companies out there that offer opt-in email advertising services in which you send them your content "text or HTML" for them to send out to thousands and or millions of people on their targeted email lists "to get them to go to a sales or landing page" who have double opted-in to their services. These companies advertise that they are white listed and abide by all the anti spam policies.

If it really is just a numbers game then I don't understand why there is so much negativity with this way of generating traffic to your product. It seems if you are able to send out enough emails there will be a certain number of those who open your email and click through to visit your product page and purchase. I'm always reading where everyone says that the money is in the list, well why can't the money be in someone else's list that you pay a fee to access.

I will respond to any comments after returning from my walk.

Thanks everyone for your input.
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    to me, numbers are just part of the equation.

    you need a solid product, copy, design. you need to get the RIGHT people to your site otherwise you're yelling down a tunnel and only a select few will hear it.

    in short, I believe it is a numbers game, but it's certainly not the only rule
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      I agree with Matt. Randomly sending out an offer to who knows how many people will probably result in a few sales, yes, but it's not really a viable long-term strategy. If you don't have the proper foundation work done (i.e., product, sales copy, site design, as Matt mentioned) then there's really not much point in the method you're looking at.

      In other words, yes, you'll probably make a few sales and, depending on whether or not the companies are being honest about SPAM compliance, you could potentially be putting yourself at risk for various other things. Ultimately there are more efficient, and less shady, methods that can be used.
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        Thanks for the comments so far. These companies list clients that have and they show some reputable companies using their services?

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