What are the best audio sharing sites for "Podcast" promotion?

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Hey Warriors,

I admit...it's pretty silly that an article marketing product creator would ask this...but I'm pretty new at creating "audio articles" now that I'm getting better at speaking on record.

One of my goals this year is to be a better and more concise speaker so one tactic I'm going to try is to convert my articles into audios to get more comfortable doing that.

How's that for transparency?

Well anyhow, I was wondering if people who do this regularly just upload them to Itunes or if there are other sites which get good traffic and what not that I could focus my efforts on submitting and sharing?

Thanks for any advice


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    iTunes is the one I can think of right now

    I haven't really done much podcasting so I don't know alot of them.

    EDIT: Okay just came to me, Podcast alley is a good one too

    EDIT: Here is a list you might like:


    Hope it helps

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