Has Google slapped you silly for public domain sites?

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In other words, have you created websites where you publish public domain works? Has Google slapped you for them for duplicate content? I know it would be much tougher now with Google's new algorithm. So, how can I make public domain works work to my advantage? The only thing I can think of is free downloads and email marketing - that's without getting penalized by Google for duplicate content. If you publish public domain works now on your sites, wouldn't Google consider it duplicate content if you don't significantly change the content?
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    How about using public domain content as a basis for your research?

    That's how I used to think of public domain and PLR from the start.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    just get the content from public domain and rework it to suit your own style then it is not duplicate material is it, the samre with plr you have to rework it
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