I Need Your Help To Become A Great Marketer. Please Critique My Site.

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Hey guys.. I've finally got my first proper site up after nearly 3 years of spinning my wheels (yes.. I know.. foolish ). At one point I was going to give up IM and I was very uncertain about my future...

But.. I stayed strong and I persevered and finally my first website is up! It's in a competitive niche (I know) but its something I love.. so I figured what the heck.. i'll learn the steps with a niche I have some knowledge of and move into other niches after..

so here it is: http://muscleproductreviewsite.com

(PS: Incase you are wondering why there aren't many review style articles depsite the name of the site, I have yet to finish uploading all the articles. I have 15 more general articles and ~10 more review style articles)

So what do I wanna know? (when giving your critique, please disregard the fact that it's my first effort as that is totally irrelevant. Prospective leads would not take this into consideration and therefore would not care. Please look at it as you would any other site.)

PS: I understand I made a classic mistake with my 'above the fold' ads. I simply mentioned a product name and most customers wouldn't have the slightest clue. Changes will be made shortly.

1. Is the overall design of the site OK? - I'm not looking for an award winning design. I just want it to be functional and clean. I've asked friends and family and they like it but I feel they aren't as discerning as you guys would be.

2. At a glance, do you feel that the information is in anyway helpful? (I'm willing to rewrite the articles if they suck. At the time, I felt I did well with them. But as it is my first effort, I'll take all criticism and make changes)

3. If you put yourself in the mind of a consumer, is there anything about the site that would not sit well with you?

4. If this site was your own, what would you add to make it better? How would you change it?

Now comes my biggest question. The site is just under a month old and the traffic isn't great. Google Analytics says 3 unique visitors. Market Samurai Rank tracker says all pages have been indexed but they aren't ranking. I'm looking to drive traffic to it so I can get that all important first sale.

5. What traffic strategy would you implement, if you were in my shoes? Any step by step guides I could follow?

6. At what point (in terms of traffic/visitors) would you consider putting a email capture box thingy (not sure what it's called) to build a list. I can't exactly say I'm swimming in money as I've bought products to enable me to get the site up. So when would you consider getting the aweber account? (10 visitors/day? 50 visitors/day?)

7. By the way, would you consider setting up sites like these in multiple niches a good business model? I'm not looking to strike gold quite yet. I want to learn the basics and pay the bills doing so.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate the help. I hope that once I figure all this out, I'll be able to help someone else in return.

To everyone's success,

Dennis.. hoping to achieve a multiplefigureincome.
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  • Hey guys, I just need some quick critiques so I can implement some positive changes.

    Thanks in advance!

    To everyones success,

    Dennis.. hoping to achieve a multiplefigureincome
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      In general, I, as a user, like the site! A couple of tidbits - my personal feedback:

      - like the layout - nice and clean, no distractions
      - like that you have strong calls to action, but it takes too long to get there
      - I'd change the headline from "Build Muscle & Strenth" (too passive) to what you have in your header - "How to Instantly Build Muscle & Strength" (more powerful, intriguing - INSTANTLY??)
      - I'd change this intro - it sounds too much like the intro to a scam email. I think your copy is a lot more effective after this part:
      A very warm welcome,
      Greetings everyone! I hope I find you well! Welcome to Muscle Product Review! I have set up this website as a guide for anyone looking to foray into the world of exercise and fitness. (foraying into that world isn't attractive - changing their body IS!)

      - Run spellcheck - futrher should be further, etc. Change "BodyFat" in bullet #2 to "Body Fat" to be consistent.
      - The 97% stat on the video page was powerful to me - you may want to incorporate that.

      Good luck!
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  • Thank you very much for your help. I've saved your advice to my wordpad and i'll be making the changes later tonight!

    Anymore ideas follow marketers? Thanks in advance!

    To everyone's success,

    Dennis.. hoping to achieve a multiplefigureincome
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      I like how simple and straight forward your website is. It's not over crowded with ads or colors.

      I might suggest adding a navigation menu at the top with an about and contact page. People like to know that they can talk to you especially if they're having problems with your products.
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    Nice site; good nice, focused.
    Fonts are easy to read.

    Things to consider:
    Privacy page
    Sitemap page
    About me page (to increase your credibility - why should I believe what this author has to say?)

    Hope it helps!

    ​​​​​​​ Free and Easy Does Not Exist? What if there is an exception...

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    Cloak your affiliate links?!
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  • Thanks for the feedback guys! Will make the necessary changes!

    To everyone's success,

    Dennis.. hoping to achieve a multiplefigureincome
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      Hey Dennis,

      The intro is poor. Use catchy words and research reasons why people want to build muscles so that you can touch their desires in the first few sentences. I can say the pictures are ok and the sites loads pretty fast.

      Having said that, i must add that you need to break the articles to few paragraphs and ensure that each paragraph answers questions(or at least trigger more questions) from most people that would like to build up their muscles.

      Humans are generally known to be more emotional when making purchases so drag your potential visitors' emotion by mentioning how he or she would feel with the 'new look' etc. Not quite a poor job but make sure you carefully raise points that your potential visitors will like to associate with.

      And make sure you find a way to know where your most traffic are coming from and the kind of people that comes to the site(there are some free software/paid ones you can lay your hands on).

      This will enable you to direct your reviews to mostly suit the needs of those kind of visitors.

      Be more direct while targeting your would-be visitors.

      See examples of how to touch the 'hot buttons' of your visitors here: Traffic Holiday

      All the best with your IM career!

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