How to locate Part-time Webmaster?

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We are a small church who has just finished building a new website using WordPress, a theme, HostGator, and Google gmail. We are looking for someone to be a very part-time webmaster in that all they would do is upload the sermon audios once a week and then monthly upload the newsletter, dissect it into more specific categories and possibly add private images as needed.

Would you mind providing insight on how to someone locate someone qualified for these services on a monthly basis. To give you an idea, I am totally disabled and my disease has progressed I can no perform these functions effectively due to physical and cognitive challenges. What may take a "normal" person with my same knowledge and experience level 3 hours may take me up to 6 hours to accomplish. I would have posted a link to the website but I am unsure if that is allowed within the text of the post.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance in this matter. If someone is interested I will be happy to provide all the necessary information prior to you making a decision.
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