Client social media reporting?

by emmab
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Hi everyone, So I am a junior web designer who's been given a bit of a chance to try social media - I've been given the task of monitoring and reporting for a client. I've studied Social Media marketing for some time, and understand the idea behind 'number of fans' and 'number of likes' (in facebook context) being a bit primitive in terms of monitoring and not being the best stats to look at for insight. I've done some research on what metrics people do monitor for corporate clients, and many are similar to this article: http://www.socialtimes/com/2010/02/ Some of the metrics mentioned are: brand mentions, loyalty, active network size. My question is, how do people measure/quantify this sort of thing? Are there paid tools that 'tap in' to social media profiles to produce stats on this stuff? Also, I assume this is plotted on a timeline graph or put into some spreadsheet form for the report - does anyone do social media reporting for clients who could enlighten me as to how/what they include? Thanks
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