HOLY CRAP there are marketing lessons in here somewhere...

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What are the marketing lessons, anyone figure them out?

I'll post them later, but curious what you think they are.
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    I always watch Dragon's Den - the UK version.

    There are always marketing lessons in there.

    Love the 'name change' comment - the butterfly effect in action.


    EDIT: You know, I just edited my sales page (lol)!
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      Here are a few observations...

      1. Change the Name, Change Results

      So they changed the name of the cereal and got a
      400% increase in sales.

      Any direct marketer would not be surprised at that.
      However, the look of surprise on the eventual winning
      bidder's face was a picture. Should a business guy
      really be that surprised?

      2. Authenticity and Passion Beat Slickness

      As presenters, the husband and wife team were pretty
      basic. However, their passion and belief in their product
      shone through.

      They were just themselves communicating very well
      what they believed in. Their belief influenced the panel
      to buy into their project.

      3. Know When to Shut-Up

      When the panel member was clearly ready to buy, they
      should have shut-up and then focus on closing the deal.
      Instead, the husband wanted to talk, talk, talk and could
      have talk himself out of a sale.

      The eventual buyer showed a bit too much of his hand
      too. He was so keen to buy that I think the couple must
      have underestimated what their company was really worth.

      But they got what they asked for and good luck to them.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Shaun got most of it.

    Anyone else care to comment...add to what Shaun has posted?
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