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So 20 sites of mine hosted at my current host all went down a few hours ago. I was in the middle of updating one of them and had just updated one of the others a few minutes prior. I normally wouldnt be so upset except this year has been killer with downtimes from the host. That and because I have been with them for 3 years with only 2 hours of total down times in the past 3 years. I went and renewed my hosting package with them less then a month ago now.

So now I am on the look out for a new host with very limited downtimes. Any suggestions so I can atleast try to get a fw of my sites back up and running before most of my traffic goes to other buyers. I main concern is one site particularity for it has doubled in its traffic this last month and brought in over 10k visitors last month. So I need to get this site up fully 100% in as little time as possible. Which may be rather difficult in the long run since I can not access any of my db's at all. The main page is still working on that site but nothing else is. No auto responder which was self hosted. No wordpress no nothing the only thing that is working at all is the html page for the site.

And most of the traffic only came to the home page through the wordpress blog I had set up. Normally at this time the site already has 50-80 visitors and has been down since around 3 am this morning. So it it only has 25 total visitors at this time and with every hour it is down means another hour with out sales or traffic or action tackers. So I am pretty much drowning over here and need to get things fixed for atleast this one site as soon as possible. Any suggestions and thank you for listing to me complain slightly about my current host.
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    A good web host always has good customer testimonials and reviews so it would run better if you read all the reputed review sites to make a correct decision for opting a web host.
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    Ive always used and recommended Blue host
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    Another vote for Hostgator. 5 years and no dramas at all with both their shared and dedicated hosting.
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    I am going to be different, because i use Namecheap.

    And they have been great for my sites, and domain names.

    Also, they have never gone down, since i have used them, which is for about 2 years now.

    And before that, i never knew they did hosting.

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      Originally Posted by Clubland View Post

      I am going to be different, because i use Namecheap.

      And they have been great for my sites, and domain names.

      Also, they have never gone down, since i have used them, which is for about 2 years now.

      And before that, i never knew they did hosting.
      I use namecheap for my domains but never really looked into them for hosting. I was already using Hostgator and as the old saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Glad to hear they deliver decent hosting as well.
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    Thanks everyone I will have a look at those as I am vaguely familiar with all of them. Anyhow my sites have all come back up now so will have to see how long this last. But I may be switching before long if these 4 hour down times continue. Whats even funnier is that my one site has only been up about 15 minutes or so and already shows 20 extra visitors in that time frame. So just imagine how much traffic that has costed be being down for 4 hours.

    All the traffic is 100% targeted search engine traffic as well. So it not only cost me several visitors but also several subscribers and sales. But I think it is time for me to start looking at other hosts to maintain my larger sites and only use my current host for the smaller newer sites until they become large enough to move out of there as well.

    Thanks again for your feedback on the hosts.
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    I would recommend hostgator with closed eyes

    Oh wait, that doesn't matter.

    Nevermind about that, +1 for hostgator here.

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    A great forum to find great deals and review of hosting companies is webhostingtalk. com

    Go to their special offers section. You should find something there.
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    I was with 3ix.org at first but after adding new addon domains to my account it slowed down and with certain internet connection I was unable to access my sites.

    Then I switched to hostgator and I didn't regret the decision. I think it's worth paying a little more then having all the nightmares with those cheap hostings. They are cheap for a reason after all.
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    I'll throw in my vote for Host Monster. Google it. :-)
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    After years of swapping hosts I think I've come to the conclusion that they are all the same. In my experience you may end up on a good server, a bad server or one that's good for a few years until it (almost certainly) ends up a bad one at some point. You can stick around until it gets better again (often happens, could take days, weeks or months) or you can change host and wait for the inevitable to repeat itself. You might get lucky and have a good few years or more but sooner or later it will likely happen with every host that's in the price wars, just depends what server you end up on and how willing they are to believe the problem is their end and not yours.

    Unfortunately, in my experience, the hosting company will never in a million years admit the server is overloaded or has a problem. The reality is we get what we pay for. Even VPS's get overloaded with too many accounts on a single server. I think dedicated is probably the only real solution as bandwidth rarely seems to be the big problem these days.

    I still use shared hosting with three different web hosts but I keep regular backups and can switch hosts pretty easily anytime I want if things get too bad, the only delay is changing nameservers. This is okay for a multiple small sites but if you have a decent single site earning the bulk of your money then dedicated with a reputable company is the only answer I guess. Personally I would use any recommendations with caution. I've had problems with Hostgator and Bluehost while everyone else raves about them. All in all they aren't bad, but I've found them to be no different from the rest of them - selling too much for too little.

    All my own opinion of course!
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    Host Gator is great. I used Bluehost in the past and had way too many issues with them in the past few months... Host Gator rocks.

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    I recommend HostGator. No problems at all. Quality customer service.

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    I use premium Byet Hosting (they also run a free hosting plan) and have had absolutely zero complaints. It's a great company and they provide support damn near instantly. Even then I've only had to contact them once and I've been with them for 16 months.
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    I use FusionHost for my smaller sites and they are awesome! Never had a problem with downtime and customer service is very helpful and friendly. On top of that, they are the cheapest I've used.
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    I'm going against the grain & recommend - Reliable Unlimited Domain cPanel Web Hosting | D9 Hosting

    Honestly this company is great, nothing but a fantastic service from the day I started with them.

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    I use two web hosts, one has already been mentioned in the thread. I won't recommend them, as they might not suit you.

    Posting your situation to the Warrior Forum is a good start, but personally, I would post this type of question to the specialised hosting forums too.

    A good start would be WebHostingTalk, but there are others. The link below is not an affiliate link.

    Web Hosting Talk - The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet

    Good hunting.

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      Just for information. There is a similar forum thread here:


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        Hostgator have been great to me so far. I have had a few issues with my sites (not related to their hosting) and the support has been great. You hardly ever have to wait more than a minute to speak to someone and they get things fixed quickly.

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    There are 3 excellent hosts in my opinion however moving your sites to a new host would be a big task especially if you have 20 sites. Are they wordpress sites? If so, there is a very easy solution
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