Problem with double opt-in (people aren't confirming!)

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Hey guys,

I just set up a squeeze page for my soon-to-be-launched product, and I'm having difficulties with the double opt-in. Within the course of a few hours, I had 44 sign ups but only 23 have confirmed their e-mails - is it normal that only half of whoever subscribed actually opts-in?

I was thinking about making my squeeze page just a single-opt in for this reason, because it seems much less efficient doing it the way I am right now. What are you thoughts on this process?

As of right now, I have a 22% opt-in rate which means it's only around 11% in reality. I'm not worried that this is a low opt-in rate though, because everyone who is signing up is very interested in my product. I know some people are against double-opt ins, and others are for them, so I'm just curious if I should change it up?
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    If you're getting a low number of people confirming their
    opt-in, then you may want to consider the following...

    1. Is Your Opt-in Gift Highly Desirable?

    Has the copy on your squeeze page sold your gift so well
    that people really, really, really WANT to get your gift NOW?

    2. What's Your Confirm Process?

    If you want people to confirm their e-mail then you need
    to tell them clearly what to do and remind them what they'll
    get if they confirm their e-mail.

    So, take a look at what you've got on your confirm page
    and the text that's written in your confirmation e-mail.

    Don't just use the default confirmation e-mail. Tailor it to
    your own gift.

    3. Offer an Added Bonus

    To push your confirmation opt-in rates further, give an
    unadvertised bonus on the confirmation page to give people
    an added incentive for confirming their subscription.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    50% confirmed is definitely normal. But you can boost that rate by doing a couple things...

    1) Give them something that they REALLY want.

    2) Make a customized page where they land after opting in, with very good instructions to complete the opt-in, and reminder of your bribe.

    Edit: I see I was typing at the same time as Shaun, and he gave great advice. Ditto what he said.
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    Originally Posted by Whothar View Post

    I had 44 sign ups but only 23 have confirmed their e-mails - is it normal that only half of whoever subscribed actually opts-in?
    That is low, certainly.

    But you're measuring a small number, so far: your sample-size may not be statistically significant. (On the other hand, with about a 50% strike-rate for the confirmation, you shouldn't need a huge sample-size as the standard deviations are lowest that way).

    Do you explain to them clearly about checking their junk/spam folders for your email, and so on, so they know what's going on?

    Are you using a reliable and trusted autoresponder (i.e. not some free one)?

    Personally, I err increasingly on the side of single opt-in rather than confirmed, but I judge it according to the niche.

    I have 8 lists, of which only 3 are confirmed opt-in. I've never yet had any problem caused by using single opt-in, and of course one builds bigger lists that way. I don't for a moment believe the nonsense people talk along the lines that "If they don't confirm their opt-in, they were never going to buy anything anyway".

    Edited to add: sorry, I was typing (slowly) while both the gentlemen above replied, and I agree with Sean's points, too!
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    I would say if you are using aweber this is probably a bit low but don't worry to much about that (but stay with double opt-in) just keep doing what you're doing and build that list.
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  • Dont be surprised, it's normal that a percentage of your opt-in wont confirm for a number of reasons:

    1) They opted-in while at work and their intranet blocks access to facebook, gmail, hotmail, etc. This is very common now a days.

    2) They opted-in, they went to their email address and got distracted by another incoming mail from a friend, relative, girlfriend, etc, so they forget about your email.

    3) They opted-in and the confirmation email lands on the spam folder.

    4) They opted-in, go to their email address and the confirmation link looks spammy and dodgy. Aweber confirmation emails look very spammy to those who're not internet savvy.

    There are many reasons as of why double optin usually generate lower subscription rates no matter how carefully you tell them what to do upon opting in.

    PS: I personally always go for single opt-ins due to this reason. I've been over 3 years in this business and never had any problem due to single opt-ins. If you dont spam and you treat your list nicely, you shouldnt have any problems.
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  • By the way, I wish Aweber allowed you to fully customize the confirmation link like Infusion does.
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    When I used double optin I noticed a lot of the unconfirmed emails were people who submitted their email but when Aweber went to send the confirmation message, this message was undeliverable.

    If this is the case then you may want to make it clearer on your squeeze page that you will be delivering the free item via email. That way you shouldn't get as many people entering bogus emails.
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    Double opt in doesn't get you 100% because the email goes to thier junk folder. You need to make it clear that its crucial they confirm the opt in. Use a bonus and video or aweber has a few options you can try.
    You can always email them with a plain text message asking them to confirm by finding the email
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      Go single opt-in.

      Seriously. It eliminates this problem.

      I know lots of people here will advise you to stick with double, and you are your own person free to make your own choice, but I've done both and single wins hands down, every-time.

      If you are unsure of the pros and cons then check my post in this thread...

      Peace and Cinnamon Toast

      Phil Ainsworth
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        Originally Posted by Phil Ainsworth View Post

        Go single opt-in.

        Seriously. It eliminates this problem.
        But it makes other problems.
        I Have to say a Massive...THANK YOU to every Warrior who has helped me, and thanks to every warrior who helps me in the future...
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          Originally Posted by entry View Post

          But it makes other problems.
          For some people.

          It "makes other problems" for some people.
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    In my tests I used single and double opt-in lists (I have several Italian niches)...

    The single opt-in option is good, but you can receive tons of blatant spam. Double opt-ins are verified, so you get less subscriptions but REAL people aboard. Remember:

    1) Test and verify your market (your subscribers)
    2) Change something and re-control your results
    3) Advise people to bookmark your email address (it prevents killer email-filters)
    4) In your landing page advise people (again) to confirm their subscriptions

    Have a good business!
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      Originally Posted by richgrad View Post

      use aweber's video confirmation message that shows them exactly how to confirm
      And lose all the anti-video ones instead? Thanks but no thanks! It seems from a current thread here that even two-thirds of marketers aren't so keen on video. How do you imagine "mere customers" collectively feel about it?! :rolleyes:

      For the so-called "IM niche", perhaps (though you'd think it might not be so needed there?). I'd avoid it for anything else.
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    If you're using Aweber I would use their smart video version confirmation page. It really increased my double opt-in rate.
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      You might want to put an obvious note beside your opt-in box letting the people know that they must confirm and to look for the email. You could send them to your own page immediately after they sign up. On that page, provide instructions on how to make sure they receive the email. Provide them for the main email clients, ie: Outlook, GMail whatever.

      What might be happening in your case, however, is that some spammer hit your opt-in form with an automated program. They do that to get an email address so they can spam you. They've done that to me several times with GR. That's why you want to make sure the confirmation email does not provide your own email address.

      BTW, GR does not allow you to turn off double opt in so if you go that route, you're stuck. Unless they changed it since I last looked.

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    Also keep in mind that a certain % of those are not real people or people typing in their email address incorrectly. They could be spambots and other types of malicious software. During a recent test of 78,000 opts in from a paid advertising campaign, over 34% of our opt-ins were not real e-mail addresses. This could range from people not typing in their e-mail addresses correctly to spambots trying to get the opt in. This was only one test done through out a 60 day period as one example.

    We run tests like this at least once a quarter and numbers have ranged from 22% all the way up to 58%. So there is a lot of variance because there are so many variables such as the traffic source, the opt in form used, is there a give away, the autoresponder service or software used, the number of servers the e-mail has to go through, the type of spam filtering the end user uses, etc.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    I get about a solid 19 % sign up rate and I never use double optin. I guess it just depends on what you are trying to do with your list, but that's the way I've always done it.

    <3 Abby
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