Can u Save $ With Minisites.?.

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Do you think it is a good idea to set up a single web site name and then use sub domains for mini sites to save money? Fore example ( and have the mane site a Blog promoting the mini sites. Or do you think I am out of my mined
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    I probably wouldn't do that unless the sites are in the same niche, and even then I don't know if I would. Domains are cheap, and you can put multiple domains on one hosting account. So you really wouldn't be saving much anyway.

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    I started working with the Internet in 92, some say I was early and others say I came to the party late. The point to that statement is that you will find some telling you yes go ahead and make mini sites and others telling you no don't do mini sites. If you are going to make a living at this then why worry about a couple of dollars renting server space. The web hosting company I use allows me to set up new sites with the click of a button. I can have up to 1000 unique URLs for $6.95 a month. That includes mail service, database, cgi, php, https, and SSI. They also about 30 programs that with a click of an icon are installed all I have to do is edit the style sheet and I'm running.

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