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ok i have max banner ads and i'm trying to promote a certain product for my blog but i can't find any code for the product is there a way where i can maybe find a pic online and use that pic in let's say a photo bucket and create a banner somehow i hope that this makes sense ... sometimes i have a hard time trying to get out what's in my head ... lol

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    Sure, you can do exactly that. Resize to the proportions of your banner and add text in a photo editing program like photoshop. Just be sure you have permission to use the photo!
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      thanks for replying can you get photoshop for free .. ( on a shoe string budget here lol)
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    I like to use Paint which is on Windows computers.

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      How do you set up banners with " paint" please explain
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        Up need more help with banners
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    Photoshop isn't free. It runs about $700. Expensive yes, but well worth the price. It's the best program out there. You can get a free 30 day trial. Do a search for Adobe Photoshop.

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    use paint.net or just regular paint on windows 7

    its not the tool its what you do with it <--- my philosophy



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    I posted a video on how to make a banner for free on my blog the other day. Maybe this will help you... How To Make A Banner | Glen Hopkins

    Have fun!
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      @ glen hopkins: Hey thanks for the info i went ahead and booked marked your site so that way i can go back from time to time ...
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    Yeah you can. If you get the rights to it. Dont want some one coming after your for infringement. Use photoshop or illustrator. Thats what I use
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    I do that all the time.

    A great tool for this is "the logo creator". Simply because with PaintShop you cannot really easily put text in it.

    The logo creator is awesome. You can load in any picture and then just add text, all kinds of styles etc...move everything around/resize etc. and make the perfect banners and logos.

    Just one example...taking some box shot...add some text...and the buttons i make at cooltext.com
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    doing that yourself if quite a healthy idea, but if you want to get this stuff outsourced, you can easily find people who will do the job for you at very reasonable cost.
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