Hosted membership sites?

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The only one I've found that I love so far is subhub. Are there any similiar to this you could recommend. Have looked at Wild Apricot and Traindom, but don't like them at all. Not a friend of wordpress so not looking for any membership plugins. Really aiming for one like subhub so pretty please fill me in on some similar solutions. Thank you.
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    If you have $20-$50, just outsource the setup of your membership site.
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    outsourcign is a great way to do it, just check out odesk or elance
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    I'm not wanting to outsource this, just finding one like subhub.

    Sincerely, Brandy Roberts

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    Woo. Finally went ahead and signed up with subhub. Its perfect for me. I was unsure how to setup my domain to the site and poof they are helping me with that. They also informed me of a discount code I didn't know about. 2 big thumbs up for them. Feeling like the cat that ate the canary Lol.

    Sincerely, Brandy Roberts

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    Glad to be of Service, Brandy.

    Good luck with your new site!

    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
    Create Your Free Website in Minutes. Now With Added Membership Goodness!

    Visit to Get Started
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