Amazon affiliate link localizer WP plugin- Doest seem to work for me

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Hi everyone, I just dont know where exactly to post this, but I hope this is the best subforum for this.

Anyways i have this plugin installed, but it doesnt seem to work, I have inserted My IDs in the plugin's setting area.

This plugin does 2 things:
1.Automatically inserts your amazon affiliate ID's to all your amazon links
2.Redirects your visitors to their local store(example,

I am more concerned about Feature no.1,

For some reason when I insert a link to an amazon product in my wordpress site withot my affiliate ID(on the link itself), it doesnt seem to insert my affiliate id in it.

Anyone with similar problems?

In the event my amazon account gets banned for whatever reason,(I'm assuming worst case scenario here) I could always open a new Amazon account and insert the new affiliate ids in the plugin so that automatically all my amazon affiliate links are instantly replaced with this new id rather than manually inserting the links one by one again.

Any other Amazon plugins that does both Geo targeting and automatically insert your affiliate ids in all your amazon links?

Thanks in advance!

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