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    my total business is based on PayPal recurring and it never fails.
    When your bookkeeping is good, you see the payments missed.

    Just send an email to the customer and ask if it's correct.
    Everytime PayPal proofs it's correct.

    So yes I always do PayPal recurring.... doing 100's per month.


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      I've used paypal and i've also used merchant accounts to manage billing. For recurring stuff, I would prefer to use my merchant account because i control the recurring and I can set the number of times I want to retry the card.

      However, like Mikedb said, you can run an entire business through paypal, but just make sure you keep up with your books or it'll be a mess!

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        PayPal works just fine for recurring payments.

        I used it for yearly recurring payments and there never was any issue.

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    I've used paypal to charge people and it works fine.

    I'm sure this problem is on the user end. However, you can always contact someone you trust and see if they have a problem.
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    Originally Posted by Jeffery Baxter View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    I have run a few subscription programs in the past and have always allowed paypal as a payment option. One thing I'm starting to notice is that payments are being cancelled when members claim they don't even do it. On top of that, they don't even seem to try and rebill for insufficient funds.

    Do you depend on paypal for your membership sites? I'm really on the edge of just not allowing paypal at all for recurring payments..

    One thing you really need to do, if you're not, is keep up with the IPNs that PP sends. There are a number of events with RPPs that will fire an IPN - skipped payments, failed payments, RPP status changes, etc.

    Your customers also might not be aware that if they change their bank account information, PP cancels the subscription.

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    Hi Jeff,

    Out of all the subscription payments I've handled, I think PayPal has only messed up one or two. In both cases the customers sent me an e-mail right away explaining that they didn't know why PayPal cancelled it, and they wanted to re-subscribe right away.

    That's not to say they're perfect, but I'm also not aware of any completely foolproof systems.

    All the best,

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    One problem I had with Paypal and recurring is that the customer is required to have a paypal account to purchase a recurring item. If they don't have an account and simply just want to use Paypal to process a credit card payment, they have to first sign up for a paypal account. In my opinion you will lose sales because of this.

    On the other hand, most people know and trust paypal. If it's an IM product it's not so much of a concern, as most IM'ers have paypal and actually prefer it because of how easy it is to cancel continuing payments.
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    Actually PayPal has been my membership payment processor for over three years and does a darn good job for me. It integrates extremely well with my EZ Content Manager membership software (made by Incansoft.com team - Big Mike, John Rogers, Diego).

    If someone has insufficient funds, PayPal does re-bill at least twice and on the 3rd one the reoccurring payment is canceled. And then my EZ Content Manager removes them from the membership. And as said above those who didn't want it canceled they normally will quickly let me know and sign up again.

    Now those claiming they didn't authorize the payment, are you sure they understood at the time they signed up; this was to be a reoccurring payment (especially if your membership is meant for newbies). This may well be the real problem and it means you will have to address it quickly. Not only to save your customers, but to keep you out of hot water with PayPal (your PayPal account closed) and the possibility of running a foul of the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S.

    Just a little food for thought.


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    paypal works for me but there are lots of other merchants available too such as google checkout. Why not research what other services are available?
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      Originally Posted by Mehak View Post

      paypal works for me but there are lots of other merchants available too such as google checkout. Why not research what other services are available?
      I'm not sure if Google checkout provides you with the kind of subscription/recurring payment options that Paypal does though. I have not had any issues with Paypal payments made via the subscription feature as well, and it has been pretty reliable in rebilling customers for me.

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    There is only one problem using PayPal for recurring payments, if they limit your account for whatever reason, all your subscriptions are automatically cancelled.


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    Paypal is excellent for recurring payments. I remember buying my own product as test and they are still taking money out monthly.
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    There are certainly other options, but PayPal is the best solution. Not perfect ... just best.
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      PayPal is ALMOST always awesome...

      ... But last month, it went 5 days without processing my payments. Weird. But then they all came thru on the 6th day.

      Anyone else see this?
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    I almost always use Paypal. If it's possible to use paypal. I use it.
    ^^Marketing could've just been a glitch of some sort, or a hold maybe. Eh, nothing too much to worry about. You still got it all in the end, which means they prob fixed it.

    Their CS is decent and can work to fix problems well as well. Big amounts of money can be filed against and if you have the proof, paypal WILL take your side if they believe you are right.
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      Hey guys ,

      Thanks for all the feedback and restoring my confidence in paypal. Although, I think I figured out what happened with my incident. I run a few of my membership sites on wishlist integrated with clickbank, when people choose to cancel their subscription through paypal directly and not through clickbank, it doesn't pass the cancellation through to the script.

      Just be careful if you're using wishlist with clickbank integrated and allowing the option for people to pay through paypal. It's one of those things I don't think they have quite fixed yet and will cause you to continously check. It also is a thing that professional refunders can catch up on, so just be careful.

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    recurring payment with PayPal merchant account works just fine. However there is a limitation for the Indian PayPal users that they cannot pay any thing with the PayPal balance, instead they need to attach a credit card to their PayPal accounts and the payment will be deducted from their credit card and not the PayPal balance.
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