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Hello all, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am looking to get into IM as soon as I finish university, now I did a little bit of linking and contacting relevant sites and a few web press stuff for a company a few summers ago but that is as far as my knowledge extends.

From what I gather getting a website up via WordPress is my first step, so I am going to need to get some hosting any suggestions on this front (I'm in the UK). The aim of this really is just to install Analytic's and do a bit of tinkering to get use to the whole thing.

I plan on doing a blog on Philosophy or experiences of leaving university and getting a job, with lots of relevant content, maybe some videos etc. Would such a topic be worthwhile?

As well as this could any of you recommend any books that would be good for getting my head around the whole process - implementing what I learn on the website.

So basically, any advice for someone looking to get started would be ideal and greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Ben G.

EDIT: Just found the 30 day challenge, is that worth a go?
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    Hi Ben and welcome.

    You will have no issues getting hosting wherever you happen to live. People will all say you should sign up with Hostgator but do shop around a bit. Byethost are just as good and reliable as are many others - many cost you a bit less than Hostgator.

    You are thinking along the right lines with regard to blogging and writing about something you are passionate about. Start there and get a feel for how the blog platform works. From this you will learn about creating an appropriate look and feel of a blog, how to use the multitude of plug ins to enhance performance and to do some really cool things. You will also learn about SEO and getting traffic to your blog through learning Wordpress. There are some free Wordpress training videos in my signature.

    You will find a wealth of info on this forum, especially in The War Room which is a sound investment to make at 37 bucks.

    I can not suggest a particular book or course to buy as that will depend on what your ultimate business plan will look like. Which methods of monetisng your content you choose to follow.

    I wish you well on your IM journey.
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      Read as much as possible about IM as you can from multiple sources. When you feel that you have found a method that can make money for you, take action on it and see what you can do with it.
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      Absolutely use your own experiences for your first blog. Its much easier to learn these kind of things while producing something you enjoy.

      Good luck.

      Digital Marketing Revealed - Jennifer Clason builds 'Jan Roos affiliate' sites, Josh Anderson on optimizing video, Peggy Baron and Tiffany Dow talk about PLR -

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    yes ben starting a site is very important, but the heart, foundation of all IM success is having an offer and TRAFFIC start looking into affiliate marketing and see where you can get with that it is the bet way to start earning quickly
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    Go with bluehost.

    Stick with one method, probably better to start with free methods unless you have enough money to invest.

    Go and investigate some good resources to get started
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    Spend some time here in the forum, this place is full of powerful information, also you can try youtube, if you're looking for anything you will probably find a tutorial video on there.
    If you still have questions just ask around here at the forum, when it comes to hosting I would go with hostgator, but you have to compare services of other companies but hostgator is a very good company in my mind.
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      I posted this in another thread, but is worth posting again -

      It is easy to be overwhelmed. There's so much information out there...get a feel for what's out there, the big picture of the online business landscape and all the different ways you can make money online -

      LESSON #4: 18 Ways to Make Money Online | Eric's Tips

      Then settle on one that appeals to you. Info products and affiliate marketing are the most common approaches. If you are ready to look for a 'guru' to guide you, then I like to recommend Jason Fladlien, and his approach of making $7 products to start getting some traction.
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      Originally Posted by Amy Garrison View Post

      Spend some time here in the forum, this place is full of powerful information, also you can try youtube, if you're looking for anything you will probably find a tutorial video on there.
      If you still have questions just ask around here at the forum, when it comes to hosting I would go with hostgator, but you have to compare services of other companies but hostgator is a very good company in my mind.
      I totally agree here. Yea this site is a GREAT source of information. However, I am not a convensed that youtube is a good source of information. More spammers in my book, but there is some good stuff there also. Hotgator get my vote also. Great hosting company to start with.

      Don't forget these forums are better than any 100 ebooks you could buy. Gold in these pages you can find with a little work! Secrets spilling out everywhere.

      Visit dotProject Project Management Software for free 60 day Project Management Software.

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        Wow such rapid responses. Thank you to each of you, the forum has quickly made it near the top of my bookmarks.

        Making money would be fantastic, but at the moment learning the ropes is my priority I was thinking about applying to an IM agency post-university. And was given advice by a friend that learning all these steps would be the best way to make myself employable, being that my degree is philosophy and not strictly related.

        I will search around and get a host and domain set up as soon as I think a little bit more about which concept to go with, thanks for the pointers towards affiliate marketing I will research them too.

        Thanks for all the encouragement,

        All the best

        Ben G.
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    Start where you stand and better tools will follow.

    Its ok to start off with FREE until you can figure things out.
    The best thing is to get some content up on your blog.
    So starting with free to get teh ball rolling is great.

    Also do not forget to try enzines. This is a great platform to
    back link articles to your blog that your niche market may read.

    All the other fancy stuff can wait until you GROW into those shoes.

    Just make sure you knwo who you are writing to and what is your goal.
    Look at other blogs that are similiar to or the same niche as you.

    I hope this helps.

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    Maybe a silly question, but how do I thank people in the post?
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    Yes, start FREE until you start learning some. Or if you have a coach/mentor then you can listen to what he says ;P

    Shop around for good hosting. You can begin with the ones people recommend, but definitely compare price to your needs before your purchase.

    How to Thank
    As soon as you have more than 5 posts you see the "Thanks" button at the bottom of each post.
    Pleasures of Effortlessly Receiving New Wardrobe Essentials Every Month

    Feel good about throwing out old clothes because you know there’ll be a new one waiting for you at the door.
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      Newbie myself I found these articles quite helpfull:

      Maybe they are helpfull to you too.

      If you have made a choice, then stick with that and don't keep swapping around to other "tempting offers".
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        Be careful of information overload. For "newbies" this happens easily when you rely on information from well known and respected marketers. Each one has their system to use that you can't live without. Although they're well known and respected, you have to start slowly and make sure you get all you can out of your first system purchase. It will probably have all you need. If not, it probably wasn't worth buying it and you should get a refund. I thought I had to get all there is to get out there before starting. That was wrong, and I finally had to draw the line to concentrate on one aspect before moving on to another.

        Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Hi Ben and nice to meet you I'm sure you must already have talent in certain IM areas you gained while working for someone. Use these talents to your advantage when you'll get around to IM once out of school. It sounds like you want to be your own boss this time. That's a great goal. If you did it for someone, you can indeed do the same or better for yourself. That should be your motivator more than any info you will find.

    I pretty much learned it all on my own over the many years, and ended up coaching.

    I wish you great success at school and also with your own future IM business online!

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