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I wanted to get an opinion from some of the successful amazon product marketers. I have an authority site with a PR4 in the green home market (not diy solar) with my main keyword "green homes" on page 1 of google. The main site is primarily articles about building green homes, energy efficiency, healthy homes, etc.

I want to start writing product reviews and targeting amazon, similar to the many methods being sold as WSO's, so I understand targeting a set of products / keyword research / etc.

My question is would it make sense to use the wordpress multi use function and thus all of my product related blogs would be in the sub directory. I can link to these blogs from my main site - would this make sense? Would this build up my site in to a bigger authority site. Make my product reviews more relevant to google as part of a large site. This seems to make sense vs building brand new stand alone sites.

My structure would be (i think :confused:

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    Well, I'm hardly an Amazon guru, having been at it for only a few months - but I'll offer my opinion anyway.

    Yes, if you have an authority site, go ahead and post reviews of related products... be sure to use good SEO tactics (title tag, H1 tags, etc) - then social bookmark and backlink your review pages. You want your review pages to be optimized for a keyword that is not extremely competitive, and that you can reach the first page of Google (and preferably, slots 1-3) fairly easily.

    Keyword research is everything...

    If "silo structure" isn't a familiar term... look it up.

    I'm sure others will chime in...
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      Any other Amazon product marketers out there? Thanks.
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    They're out here, but many of them are selling their own WSO's on how to do Amazon Affiliating - so perhaps they're careful about responding.

    But there are some great threads on Amazon Affiliates, and if you nose around enough, perhaps you can get another perspective.

    Myself - I do microniche sites - but I well understand the power of an authority site - perhaps when I'm doing well enough with the niche sites, I'll start in on an authority site, they can, in the long run, earn more - I've heard...
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    Using the wordpress MU for this purpose cana definitely give you good results.

    Hoowever, be careful not to include any and every product in your reviews. For any single installation of wordpress MU, target only one niche. And let all the blogs within the MU setup target a micro niche within your chosen niche.

    So if you choose pets as your main niche, you could have different blogs on micro niches like dog food, cat food, training different kinds of pets (individual blogs).

    As you go on building content for each microniche, your whole website will gradually begin to appear as an authority website for your main niche.

    Hope this helps.

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    The only problem with creating a large authority site is the conversion rate. Visitors seem to convert better on a more specific niche related website. This is probabaly mainly related to all those huge websites that scrap content from other sites like amazon and have nothing but a quick sale's pitch or review instead of a thorough review. A good example of this kind of website is consumerresearch.

    For instance I would rather create a Pet toy related website and then categorize it for different animals than a huge authority website on Pets.

    What I generally do for my amazon sites is to throw out a targeted niche website to test the waters. Let's say your in the pet niche and want to create a large website on pet supplies. I would start by creating a website about "cat litter" and "litter boxes". Then I would add 10-20 reviews of differebt litters and litter boxes available on amazon. With an exact match domain you can easily and quickly rank your website and if it converts well go after a larger website. And you can flip it if it doesn't convert as well as you thought it would.
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