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by ninon
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Hey everyone,

so what's statistically the best day of a week to send out an email newsletters?
I usually send mine on Wednesdays. Time frames: 09:00-11.00

Mondays - it's a day when most email inboxes have filled up over the weekend and your newsletters may be deleted with the junk.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most popular days for sending emails.
Friday's are questionable. Most people are too tired after working week and this is the time to relax. Nobody cares about emails.
Otherwise, some are saying, newsletters related to family, hobbies are best to send out on Fridays and weekends.

What do you think?
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    send an e-mail everyday -->autoresponder.
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      Originally Posted by ninon View Post

      Time frames: 09:00-11.00
      In which time-zone?

      When it's 9.00 - 11.00 on the coast, it's 12.00 - 2.00 on the East coast, 5.00 - 10.00 in Europe, and so on.

      Originally Posted by ninon View Post

      What do you think?
      I think I agree with you that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays may be better than other days. I sometimes wonder if Sundays might be good, too, for some niches. It's very hard to know.

      Originally Posted by Marius Preda View Post

      send an e-mail everyday
      That's a good way to get a lot of unsubscriptions, and then try to fool yourself into believing that "those are all people who wouldn't have bought anyway". :p
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        There won't be many unsubscriptions because I provide a list of articles they will be getting, it's a little hard to send 100 articles in one e-mail, .
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          Originally Posted by Marius Preda View Post

          There won't be many unsubscriptions because I provide a list of articles they will be getting, it's a little hard to send 100 articles in one e-mail, .

          Marius, if you're providing list of articles - yes, maybe. But i prefer sending out once a week or twice a month
          Agree with Alexa, the most common reasons a person will unsubscribe to your email newsletter - receiving too many emails
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            Alexa, time zone - Europe
            And yes, the optimal delivery time will depend on what you're sending and who you're sending to.
            I think business newsletters, promotional emails kinda stuff are best to send on week days. And newsletters related to hobbies and so on, can go on weekends
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            I usually send out weekly. It's frequent enough that people don't forget about me, but not intrusive.

            Re: Time Zone
            Unless you are marketing locally only, your list will be likely to have people from a range of different time zones.

            Mid-week tends to be fairly safe for most niches, however I have found that a few hobbies and entertainment related niches I have respond better toward the end of the week.

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      Originally Posted by Marius Preda View Post

      send an e-mail everyday -->autoresponder.
      I've unsubscribed from every single list I've ever been on that has chosen to mail me every day.

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    I've always thought Tuesdays best too with the addition of another reason - still a chance of having money leftover from payday on Friday.
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    It "depends". generally first thing in the morning tues through thursday, but it can vary widely based on your niche/market.

    i've kicked serious ass on friday nights and sundays.

    test, test, test

    big jason

    Big Jason Henderson of Breakthrough Email Marketing
    18+ years of email marketing... Certified Email Marketing Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Value Proposition Development and Online Testing Specialist by MECLABS

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      Originally Posted by big-marketing View Post

      test, test, test

      This is the best answer...

      For my article syndication, it is best to deliver Tu, We and Th during U.S. business hours.
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
      Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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        Originally Posted by ninon View Post

        What do you think?
        I think you should TEST it with your list - and NOT listen to what
        ANYONE else tells you about the "best" whatever regarding YOUR
        list! You know best (or should/will when you test!)

        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        That's a good way to get a lot of unsubscriptions, and then try to fool yourself into believing that "those are all people who wouldn't have bought anyway". :p
        Incorrect. My unsub rates have remained under 1% over YEARS -
        and I sometimes email 3 times per DAY!

        All success
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    8AM EST seems to be a good time I read somewhere...
    Not sure on the days. Would definitely consider Tuesday or Thursday.
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    Feel good about throwing out old clothes because you know there’ll be a new one waiting for you at the door.
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    I think everyday is a good day to send it. It just has to be spaced well for your audience.

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    Email for details...Mike McAleer at me dot com

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    It all depends on your niche. Tuesday - Thursday is a best practice but it is all market specific. Test and monitor your results.

    It also depends on the value you provide and the relationship you have with you list. If you are selling, send 3-4 value added emails per one sale. You can softsell on the value added emails. It also typically takes up to an average of 7 points of contact before a prospect is ready to buy.

    Emailing more typically yields greater results however ... again.. it is about the value provided and the relationship you build with your list.
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    I prefer sending updates/offers over the weekend (typically around Saturday noon Central Time). I've been following this for a while and don't have any complaints or bad stats so far. But again as you mentioned earlier, it greatly depends on the niche what your list is built for.

    Persistence, Persistence and Persistence.

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    Always send the mails at the late night on tuesdays-thursdays,So that guys will see in the morning because your mail is at the top.
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      I did an experiment trying a newsletter in every day of the week: Wednesdays and Thursdays performed best.
      But of course it may differ for other niches.
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    I usually send my emails Tues-Thurs, then every Fri I send a free gift that my subscribers expect each and every week. I send the emails in the afternoon, my time - UK time, so that people in the US and Europe will be awake since they are my main customers. I'm still learning but I have found that consistency plays a HUGE role in open rates etc.
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    Like people have said, testing is the only way to tell.

    There is some data related to this topic at AWeber, but even there they tell you to test! Read it for yourself at...
    When to Send Your Autoresponders | Email Marketing Tips by AWeber

    Here is a chart they provide showing the open times for a particular email sent by one of their users. It's kind of interesting.

    And here is a shot showing how one can deliver follow-up messages on certain days and at certain times. You can even select to have the emails sent within time frames based upon your recipients local time zone if you wish.

    Just some food for thought. Chew well and digest slowly . --Mike

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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    Mike - I honestly never knew about the options for the followup, to choose the subscriber's local time zone. You learn something new every day
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    I have always thought maybe Tuesday were a good day. But I have recently had some good results on Thursdays and Friday nights. I do not recommend sending an email every day. That just annoys people on your mailing list. About every 3 to 4 days is good.

    Don't have the time to write emails that will get opened, read and your reader to take action then leave me a message. I will get back to you within 48 hrs.

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      When I was part of the email marketing department for World Vision (billion dollar non-profit) we found that Thursdays were our best days for doing mailings, especially when asking for donations. We could absolutely knock it out of the park raising millions of dollars just within a couple of weeks. In fact email marketing was so profitable that it was one of their most cost effective ways to raise money.

      Typically on Tuesdays we would run several split tests (and by several I mean A, B, C, and sometimes D with multiple segments of a list) and then on Thursdays we would send out.

      The keys to email marketing are as follows
      1) Segment your list.. the more you segment your list the better you can target the audience and get a much better ROI.

      2) the difference between mass profits is the difference between a couple sentences in a highly targeted email. We could talk about the same subject matter but by targeting that particular donor based on what they were most interested in would help us raise more money.

      3) Split test your list. This is something not a lot of people really pay much attention to. You gotta split test your list. Try all sorts of crazy little things. Most often it's the stupidest idea that makes the most money AND it's the slightest changes in punctuation.

      4) Test to find out what days work the best for you. You may find that Tuesdays work best for Sally, but Sundays are your better day. Each list is different and you'll never know till you test it yourself. Testing is so important that I read a story that Google split tested 52 shades of blue to see which shade people liked the most. Crazy huh?! But that's how important testing really is.

      5) Ultimately know that there is no perfect formula. Sorry... I wish there was. It all depends on the behavior of your audience.

      The defining line of a successful marketer in my opinion is how well they key into psychographics versus demographics. I think demographics are pretty much worthless in the world of marketing, but that's just me.
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    I'm on a few lists where I get an email everyday... and dont mind because I like what the marketer has to say.
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