How To Invest $1,500?

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If you had $1,500 to invest on your future internet marketing career, would it be put towards education or a specific product or traffic technique? Specific educational products and services recommended if you could please? Thanks Guys
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    I would research a good guide on a method you think will work for you and then keep the money and save it. TAKE ACTION and start making money with your method and don't stop until you do. You will probably end up in product creation and then you can use the money to invest in taking your product to market.
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    If you already have general knowledge about internet marketing then I would invest my money on outsourcing.

    If you're still new to IM then I would invest in some courses, but not a lot just pick up one or two good ones and after you rear it or watch it take action, because without action you wont get anywhere....
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    I think it really depends on the type of career you want to start - product creation, affiliate sales?

    I suggest spending some time in the War Room to see what others have to say. And check out the product reviews section of the forums, always, before buying anything.
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    Don't blow your money on products and ebooks, a lot can be learnt here on WarriorForum and through the internet for FREE. Instead use the money for things you NEED, like domains, hosting, outsourcing etc.
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    I have been learning about internet marketing for the last couple years, but recently discovered the warrior forum and have spent 8 hours a day 5 days a week for about 3 months on here learning from the best. I am really interested in getting into product creation. However i dont want to invest to much into it at the beginning seeing as it will be my first product. I could live with say $300 for a failed learning experience but any more than that i would take to heart.
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