How to find right forums?

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Hi everybody!

Probably something like this have been posted here before, if so I apologize for repeating,

I need advise haw to find U.S. and Canada based weight loss forums, where to look for them, how correctly type in search term in Google, and how to check out if they allow signatures, and especially links to website in signatures (like in this forum).

Any advice appreciated!

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    Type in google [forum] weight loss usa and [forum] weight loss canada. You should find some forums. You could look through some threads to find if people have links in signatures before you build your profile.
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    I don't think there are any shortcuts to get this information (although you could do the research and sell it as a report - there are lots of people who would like this information).

    As Przemek says, you'll need to manually search Google and then check the T&Cs of each forum, or check some sample posts.

    Don't jump in and start spamming the forums. Try to offer something useful or you'll get banned.

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    The best way to see if they allow signatures is to check if other members have signatures in their posts, by doing that you will notice right away apx how many posts you need before you are allowed to place sig link.
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      Try this search, it narrows it down a bit: inurl:forum inurl:profile/ +signature +"weight loss"
      It will, in many cases, get you profile pages with signatures on. There will also be a fair bit of crap but give it a try.
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        Thanks for your help, I tried both methods mentioned here, found a couple forums, but.... nothing useful actually , but thanks for trying to help anyway.

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          Hi SommerS

          You are on the right track because some people may not know things they consider simple and will keep it to their chests.

          For the mere fact that you asked this question showed that you are ready to grow in IM industry.

          Everybody you see here are learning from one another.

          To your question: use question mark to start and end your search terms.(" "). Something like that.

          You will be given lots of forums in your exact niche in these two countries.

          The next thing you will do is to read each forums terms and see what you need to do before your link could become visible in your signature column.

          Note that different forums have different reasons for allowing links in signatures from day one but generally, each forum will have their unique rules.

          It would take you two or three minutes to read through such rules.
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