What Good Is A Product Launch?

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Is it necessary to have a product launch? I mean, if my product is good, it seems that people will be buying my product for years and years to come. If this is the case, then is a product launch really all that necessary?
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    Yup. Because they'll buy more this way. You can always "re-launch" and keep it on the market...but nothing matches the conversion rates that an exciting launch can generate, not to mention the immediate buzz, name recognition and JV partners that come along with it.

    Movies launch right? Does that mean they don't sell long term? Nope! It helps the long term sales.
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      Originally Posted by Mike Williams View Post

      Movies launch right? Does that mean they don't sell long term? Nope! It helps the long term sales.
      Actually the vast majority of movies only run for a few weeks, so they pretty much have to do big launches to be able to recoup the cost of making them. When was the last movie you heard of that was still in the theatres after a few months?

      Also, they like to sell lots of tickets before word of mouth spreads about how bad the movie is- sort of like some of the IM launches. I'd put a smiley here but I'm not joking.

      Big box office also helps with DVD sales.
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    Yes, it's big. If done right, you can gain favorable position in the marketplace from day 1, which you can leverage for the life of your product.
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    Do some research on Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula... you will be enlightened

    - Jared


    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    A product launch not only affords you name recognition (as one person said), it positions you as an expert in your niche. Your product gets exposure to lots of people, as other marketers become your "virtual sales assistants". And...after your launch, your product has the potential to continue making money, as you add marketing efforts to your initial offering.
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    You hit it right Barbara!
    Once a product is developed, effectively product launch becomes the critical step to its success. An improved product launch process results in faster time-to-market and time-to-profit.

    Give more, Expect less, Live simple...

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    James not only is a proper launch important it can mean the difference between making a little money or A LOT of money,

    Begin with a pre-launch phase. Here is a quick rundown.

    You will first want to have your website set up with an opt in box with just enough info about your product to capture a visitors interest. You can offer a discounted price, free report or simply just a chance to buy before anyone else if they choose to opt-in early.

    Implement Web 2.0 marketing strategies to begin your awareness campaign and start creating a little buzz using articles, video etc. to make people aware that your product is the solution.

    After a couple weeks of collecting opt-ins and creating some buzz do this:

    Create a page full of affiliate tools and also set up an affiliate program through ClickBank or with a stand alone affiliate management script.

    Set up your backend and offer a commission on upsells or OTO's.

    Approach potential JV partners and direct them to a JV sign up page that outlines exactly what's in it for them and also where they can access a review copy of your product and affiliate tools.

    Following this basic outline should help you in having a more successful launch of your product.

    Joe Russell
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    Thanks for the info, everyone!
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    Launching a product actually gives some momentum to your business. At least it worked for me for the first time I launched KSV. Since it went well, I'm going to do another launch and later - relaunch it once again. It sorta gives a spike in sales and after the spake sales do not return to normal, they are a bit higher than previously...

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