New to WF - Do you have some great tips for me?

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Hi folks,

I am brand new to the WF but I am not new to affiliate marketing. Been doing it for about one year with a big learning curve, wasted a lot of money and had some great training with Craig Cesar last spring.

Any good suggestions and tipps as to how to get the most out of the WF?

Thank you,
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    You might also check out other warriors signature's you will find some good information being given away.
    Good luck.
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    Well I think you've already learned a lot of courtesy to properly use WF. But I want to suggest you to be relax and post threads or replies in cool head. Just don't violate the rules and never spam. This is enough to stay forever in this Awesome forum.
    Anyways Welcome to the Warrior Forum. Make us amaze by sharing your affiliate experiences and fresh ideas.

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      First of all welcome!

      I highly recommend this collection of the best threads here on the WF -

      Other than that - keep using the search function, there is all the information you need.

      Since you say that you have wasted a lot of money, I'll advice NOT to by anything more right now. Start focusing on one thing, you say you have done affiliate marketing? Good! So take it to a business level, there's nothing stopping you from creating a very nice income doing that.

      In the thread I mentioned you'll find plenty of nice info on how to do that, and also keep asking questions, you will find that there are a lot of knowledgeable warriors that will genuinely provide you with the info you need.

      Also, the best advice about using WarriorForum.. Don't read it TOO much. Seriously. It will distract you from taking action and creating results, which is the most important thing you can do!

      Limit your reading time, and make it count - learn new things, learn to spot warriors that really know what they're talking about, and then close the forum and start applying what you've learned.
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        Welcome! I'm new to the Warrior Forum, too. I've found that I've already learned a lot just by reading what the established experts have to say. Sometimes when I don't have a lot of time to read the forum I search for the topics that are most relevant to my beginning business. It helps me to weed through the information and advice that's most important for me.
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