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Hey guys, I'm always full of ideas, have a decent working knowledge on IM, and have made a pretty solid living, but it seems I have a problem: I have so many ideas it's hard for me to stay focused! I'm jumping from one thing to another and it's leaving a lot of things uncompleted- totally not doing any justice!

I'm looking for someone whom we can keep each other in check. Maybe someone with strong action and implementing skills.

When I completed the Strengthsfinder, my top strengths were futuristic and ideation. If you have some activator strengths, maybe we can complement each other. Let me know!
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    I hear ya brother! Same boat sometimes. The ideas just keep rolling in and the overwhelm you right.

    I have found that you just need to make a calendar and select one or two sites for each day. Go nuts on that stuff only then move on to the next day etc.... Do it in small steps though. Try it a week then move on..

    Has been helping me a lot lately, because I feel like I have actually put in some solid work instead of doing a million things at once and not feeling like a did a thing. Make sense? ;-)
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    "Rent-a-Nag" sounds like a new niche to me. Maybe you need a VA to pick up on some of the loose ends and keep you focused. When you have money going out, you tend to pay attention a little more.

    I'd be happy to apply for that job - my qualifications? Wife for 30+ years - Mom for 30+ years and big fan of Larry the Cable Guy.
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    I'll just quote an expert, myself, from another post,

    Pick something, stick with it and make it happen. Don't abandon the project in two months and don't waste your time trying to find the next big thing.

    You'll always have more big ideas than you know what to do with and your latest big idea will always sound better than the last. Ignore them. A big idea is worthless unless you see it through to fruition.

    Just remember, Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and... take action
    In case you missed it, forget about all of those other ideas. It's a form or procrastination and your mind F'ing with you.

    Knock that devil off your shoulder who is whispering sweet nothings and great ideas into your ear and stick to the plan. Don't we all love it when a plan comes together?

    And remember, ideas are a dime a dozen and pretty much worthless unless you make something of them. I guarantee that the great idea you had today isn't going to sound so great three months from now and it's not any better than the great idea you had yesterday. Same goes for that great idea you'll have tomorrow.

    Listen Walter Mitty (google it), quit dreaming about the next big thing and get to work. Baby steps and one job at a time. Finish your ipod before you start on your iphone. After that you can start working on your ipad.


    I'm all about that bass.

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    If you have so many ideas then divide the work. hire or outsource you work so that you can focus more on which ideas are worth continuing.
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      Warrior Matt LaClear has an interesting post on his Warrior Forum blog about productivity.

      You can check it out here...

      Sure-Fire Ways To Work Smarter, Save Time And Increase Productivity

      With regards to accountability partners, having a viable set-up is usually a big problem.
      'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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        Focusing and sticking to one thing has always been difficult for me as well. I either lose interest, find whatever I'm working on too difficult, too expensive, too time-consuming, etc., etc. - I always hear "find something you're interested in" to get past the hurdles but, until recently, I couldn't really say what that was - guess I sort of lead a boring life!!!
        Anyway, I do know that procrastination is a killer, a form of perfectionism which may also be a fear of failure and... strange as it may sound, a fear of success as well!!
        Unfortunately, most of us have to work thru on this on our own unless you have the money to pay big bucks for someone to hold your hand but I'm not sure how much sense of accomplishment you get from too much hand-holding. Don't misunderstand me, we all need help now and then that's why forums like this exist.
        One thing that has helped me from time to time is to keep a note pad beside me when I'm working on something. Every time my mind strays to that "other big idea" - I jot in on the note pad. It gets it out of my head and avoids the fear that I might forget it helping me to re-start, re-focus on the moment again.
        Finish what you start - may be the most challenging advice but I believe the most rewarding.
        That being said, the interest you have in something can make all the difference - just check that you're interest isn't fading due to those old useless feelings of perfectionism!
        Hope this helps!


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      Originally Posted by ann1986 View Post

      If you have so many ideas then divide the work. hire or outsource you work so that you can focus more on which ideas are worth continuing.
      Yeah that's good, proper time management is the key! you have to be organized so you won't waste your time to things that in the end will be undone
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        The answer is in my sig.

        "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." - Bruce Lee

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    That is how I started out in the beginning. I knew that i needed to focus on something and began to focus on DN flipping. I still jump around from time to time but that is when I am waiting for DN auctions to finish up or waiting for end user replies.

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    Thanks for all the encouragement and motivation guys. But anybody want to hook up concretely and keep each other in check? We can do this through phone, messenger, anything. We can update each other on the progress we made and kick butt if any of us haven't.

    I'm sure working by myself with a checklist, management tool is useful and indeed I do it, but wouldn't it be even MORE effective if we have an accountability partner?

    I'm hungry for success and would like someone who's like that too.
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