Salesletter or Infomational website...which sells better?

by Rachel Embry 6 replies
I'm having a website design dilemma & am looking for some suggesstions & examples...

I'm preparing to launch a product that's a combination of a physical product with an info product. I'm selling it as a "kit", and the physical product will be in the box, along with a how-to maual, some cd-roms, etc.

I can not decide if I should go the traditional Mini-site avenue with a squeeze page, long sales letter & then you either buy it or leave it. OR if I should go with a full-scale website with lots of information.

A combination of the two would be a perfect solution. A site that gives a lot of information, yet does a REALLY awesome job at SELLING and closing the sale.

Anyone know of any examples off hand they can share?

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    An informational website doesn't sell
    A squeeze page needs to give something of value away to encourage people to give you their name and email.
    A sales letter sells your product.

    If you want an example of a sales letter go to the link in my signature. Over 5% of those that hit the sales letter are buying.

    Hope this helps.


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      Personally, I think that a sales page is a more direct selling channel when compared to an informational site... it is more straight to the point and as long as you direct the right visitors and your sales letter is good, sales should be good for you.

      And informational site has its own good too... it is more easy to get it ranked organically when compared to a traditional sales letter page.

      So there are really pros and cons for both type of sites... hope you can gather different pointers here and assist you to make a decision soon.
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        Is this a trick question?

        Sales letters are for selling, hence the name "sales letter".

        The informational site is more for getting ad revenue or promoting many different products or driving traffic to some other site, for example.
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            A sales letter doesn't need to be a big sales pitch, you can make it very imformative (giving a reason for them to read it) and have it convert like a crazy. Read some of Agora's letters and you'll see a how they weave the offer into a very informative "report".

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              Thanks so much everyone. Everyone on this site has been so helpful. I appreciate it. I had an "ah-ha!" this morning about the site & your answers just confirmed I'm on the right track.

              I'm going to go the salesletter route for this product & then do an additional information site that will establish myself as a go-to person in my niche & also have links for my products which will take them to.....the sales letter!

              It seems so simple now, but was a confused mess in my head. Thanks for clearing things up for me, lol!

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    Inform people with the information site. In other words, establish yourself as an expert. You can also submit to article directories, create a forum, or start a blog to help your expert status.

    Have these informational pieces point back to your sales letter. The sales page is what will do the real selling and the content page is what will resell them.

    So, in short, use both but in different ways.

    That's a simplified answer, but should get you going in the right direction.


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