Can same article be used without spinning?

by Rob P
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I've been submitting articles for years to article directories and am now considering adding hubpages and squidoo. Can I link straight back to a squeeze page?
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    Originally Posted by Robplevin View Post


    I've been submitting articles for years to articlke directories and am now considering adding hubpages and squidoo. Can I use the same articles or do I need to spin them?
    I think you will find both of these sites now require your content to be original an unique. They have had problems in the past because of all their syndicated content and I think they are now trying to stay away from this.
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    Cheers Will, yeah I sussed that bit and eidted my question without altering the title. Doh. Next question is (and this has been puzzling me for years)... am I getting penalised by linking my articles/lenses/hubs back to a squeeze page?
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    Hi yes Ithink you're right, I think they did have problems, but I certainly supply unique content myself
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    Maybe you're creating a link wheel type of pattern?

    Then it's important not to mess up your linking and close the loop as such.

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    Right now the best thing you can do is to concentrate and focus on creating unique content for each site/directory you post to with the intent of linking back to your main website.

    The reason I say that is because this forces you to write more which should help you become a better writer.

    Second, if you have any intention of utilizing guest blogging at some point in the future you will find that nearly every blogger wants exclusve rights to the content you send them for their site.

    Might as well start getting into the habit of creating unique content for your submission now instead of waiting later.

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    I think that every article should be unique and if you must spin to do that, then so be it.

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    Duplicate content penalty only applies if its on the same webpage. You can go look up and article on a site and take a paragraph go put it in Google and see that content indexed at thousands of sites. Wherever it was originally posted is who gets the link juice.
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