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Well, not so much a critique as some advice on a system re-build.

I make a (very good) living from my website www. behaviourneeds. com . My traffic levels aren't brilliant but I have good relationships with list members and my on-site training courses sell at a high price giving me a tremendous back end.


How can I re-structure this site to get the most from it? I currently have a blog on the domain (www. behaviourneeds. com /blog) but I'm not sure if this is the best structure.

Should the whole site be a blog instead of having the home page AND the blog?

My aim originally was to have my home page as a feeder site to my digital products which are located on a different domain (the banners for them are down the right of the site) but I don't know if this is the right way to go.

Sorry for the long rambling post. I just feel I could do with rebuilding the site with a more organised foundation.

Any comments/feedback much appreciated.
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    I suggest you take the opt-in box out of the header. Maybe put it at the bottom of the page and also have a pop-up after about 15 seconds. The way you have it set up right now, the header takes up half the page.
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      Originally Posted by sr41056 View Post

      I suggest you take the opt-in box out of the header. Maybe put it at the bottom of the page
      Bad advice. Since when has putting an optin form at the bottom of the page been a good idea? Clearly you don't make many squeeze pages.

      Make sure you keep an optin form above the fold, very important. However I would maybe get the optin offer out of the header and get the header back to a much smaller and normal height. Then drop the optin offer in the sidebar next to the content.

      You might also then add another optin box below the content on the left hand side.
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    That date in top left is useless. You should keep the opt in box above the fold but that is too high.
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    nice site but remove that date on the top left, it makes no meaning being there or make it very tiny if it must be there
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