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Hey Guys

I was hoping its not out of place to let some of you UK guys know that im putting on first ever Live Workshop in London in 2 weeks time (March 19th / 20th).

To give you a brief background on me, i've been online for just over 14 months and started to earn a full time income after 4 months of 12-14 hour days. Even then it wasnt a huge amount but it was enough to replace a typical UK salary.

Well since then its been a roller coaster ride and have been honoured to have worked on many big product launches such as Hyper FB Traffic, Affiliate Dot Com, etc.

Im also honoured to be working alongside very big name & most importantly respected marketers such as Chris Farrell, Adeel Chowdhry, Etc.

Now im not saying any of this to brag and have to stress that I still work very hard on my IM business and am still striving to achieve bigger and better things.

This workshop I am doing is my first ever live training style setting as im not really a teacher, more so a dude who just gets on with his hussle.

In terms of what i'll be covering, this will include:

- Facebook
- Video Marketing
- List Building
- Offline Businesses
- Etc

Its important to note that i am not going to be covering the cliche hyped up crap out there in the marketplace; rather i'll be covering stuff that works and the strategies & techniques I use to drive huge amounts of Traffic & Build very solid 'Businesses' online.

If you are interested in finding out more then please check out the temporary page I put up.

Exclusive London Event « training.ninjatrafficdojo.com

Once again if putting this post up is out of place or wrong in anyway then please let me know. I dont want to against any rules & regs and want to respect this forums policies

Also if you have any questions, etc or simply wish to connect then please comment or send me a PM

Many Thanks


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