How to *very quickly* put up one WP blog after the other...

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You get some hosting with a nice number of available subdomains/addon domains. (Many hosters provide unlimited subdomains/addon domains)

You get yourself a number of domains or addon-domains. Those will then appear on the hosting with their own, separate folders.

You set up one WP and configure it, database, the works, themes, plugins.

After you're done with the first blog, you go in your CPanel to the filemanager, and copy the existing folder of your first blog (say: Forex Informed , i just made that one ) to some temp place like www/tmp/somename from within filemanager in Cpanel.

(This happens very quick, you dont even need to upload another WP)

Then from your FTP program you move the temp copy to where the folder of your next sub/addon domain would go. (If the domain folder already exists and is empty, just delete that next domainname folder, move the temprary WP copy to where the subdomain folder goes and re-rename the WP copy back to whatever name your new domain folder had)

(This should also work before you installed a new domain, eg. from filemanager you copy your first WP install into the root folder of your hosting, name it eg. - and then if you activate your next domain it should take this as home directory for the new domain, with the copy of the other WP install in it)

Then you FTP to the new WP folder, yourrootfolder/ and edit wp-config.php - you can even use the same database name and sql username, just enter another table prefix, like wp2_ or something.

Then you login to your new WP install as usual and set up your new WP.

This saves a lot of time!


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    It's quickest to just use Fantastico from cpanel, that way you don't have to setup a MySQL database or edit wp-config.php. Only takes like 30 seconds per site that way.
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    yes, fantastico...but wouldnt it install a "virgin" WP...this way i have a WP with the plugins i need and i copy only this WP install without the need to upload/reinstall the plugins over and over?!

    jb: I dont have time for "good content" j/k, thats what autobloggers are good for I do of course agree with you!
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      Hi GeorgR,

      yes, fantastico...but wouldnt it install a "virgin" WP...this way i have a WP with the plugins i need and i copy only this WP install without the need to upload/reinstall the plugins over and over?!
      Just buy yourself WP cloner from mass automation and you can set up a master blog for unvirginising your fantastico installed blogs - IE - upload all the plugins and settings in one click.

      Besides, if you install a number of WP blogs all running on the same database then I would expect problems further down the road...and catastrophe if that database failed.

      This appears to be one of those situations where by cutting corners at the start, you might save 10 seconds which could lead to days of headaches further down the line - sorry.

      Roger Davis

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