Writers in the Warriors for Hire Section: What Was It Like When You First Started?

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To those Warriors who advertise in the Warriors for Hire section as 'writers', I was wondering what your experiences were like when you first started out offering your services on this board? Were you inundated with work or was it the opposite, with very little coming in? How often did you have to 'bump' your advertisement before you were making a satisfactory income?

I'm asking because I'm planning to advertise my own services with a goal to hopefully make at least $1000 per month. I know a lot of this relates to how you market yourself, but I'm still interested to know what experiences fellow Warriors had when starting out.

Thanks, Giles
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    hey Giles,

    I recently offered my writing services on WF and so far its been a positive experience. In respect to the demand you will get it really depends on a lot of factors. Your rates, type of service you're offering, turnaround times and meeting your client's expectations will go a long way in determining your success.

    You can PM if you have any other questions.
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    I use to experimented with my sales copy all the time and what I have found is that it make a huge difference to the orders you receive.

    This shouldn't be a huge surprise really, but for some reason people in the services industry often forget that they are still supposed to be selling something, albeit their own abilities.

    I remember changing a few sentences in the copy and all my orders slowed to a trickle, I put them back and everything kicked back into gear.

    I would strongly suggest you look at the sales copy of the people that are doing well, then model your copy on theirs. Please note that I do not mean copying anyone's sales copy, just that you should pay attention to what buttons they are pushing in their prospective customers, that turn them into paying customers.

    Colin Palfrey

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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    Thanks Roell and Colin for the interesting feedback, and thanks Roell for the offer of further help. I’ll just need to get my post count up before I can send a PM, but it’s much appreciated anyway.

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      Personally i found starting out on the WF to be easier then just about anywhere else honestly. For the most part the people you will deal with here know exactly what they want, and will be happy to answer questions etc. (which, depending on your knowledge can be essential)

      In my own experience, i started up my initial writing service because i needed to raise some quick case. Had no problems taking in orders even with a minimal amount of proof (testimonials etc) of my skills. That month i raised around 2,000$ in the first couple weeks. So your goal is more then attainable.

      Just expect some ebb and flow with it, sometimes you'll have tons of work others very little.

      Here's a few things you can do that will pretty much guarantee happy, returning customers with cash in hand:

      1) Be prompt. Delays, and problems happen. As one of my clients knows (i was in the hospital) If something happens, let them know upfront about any delays or issues you are facing. (If any) But do your best to deliver early.

      2) Build Relationships. Be friendly, im not saying chat them up. But a little conversation and a genial attitude can get you far in many cases.

      And make sure you pay attention, and learn from the people you are working for. Since i imagine, you will want to expand on your business at some point.

      I think ive carried on enough at this point lol... if you need any help drop me a PM and ill try to help you out.
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    Thanks Tom for the helpful reply, and many thanks for the offer of assistance. It's very much appreciated.
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      I had a number of people asking me to cut my price in half and give them more words than asked for when I first posted an ad.

      I would get a number of private messages from people wanting less than 50 cents per hundred words.

      I was a bit taken back by some of the more "popular" people on the forum who were trying to get these extremely low costs per article.

      I'm sure that there are people who have had success on this forum (personally I have written more than 2000 articles for Warriors thus far) BUT I have found other places that are easier to work with without those trying to constantly undervalue my work.
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        I've had to post 3 ads before I had success but now there are many orders coming in.

        You just have to experiment with the sales copy and the prices until people like your offer. But what you really want is repeat business with your customers so treat each one of them as if they paid you ten times the amount of money you got.

        Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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