Best way(s) to handle Credit Card Transactions?

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What's the simplest and best way to handle credit card transactions? PayPal (inc. several versions)? Clickbank?

I'm wanting to handle these types of transactions. SIMPLE and EASY are big on my radar. Curious about pros/cons of each too:

* Selling a one-time service - such as doing a website for somebody.

* Selling a recurring service - i.e., weekly or monthly coaching calls where they are billed monthly)

* Selling physical products - books, widgets, whatever

* Selling digital products - ebooks, webinars

* Selling a webinar course - not sure this is really any different than a one-time service. But, if it is, it'd be good to know that, too.

Thanks for any of your insights & experiences!

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    Paypal merchant account is good because its only $20 a month and it can handle credit cards and paypal accounts. Its also great with recurrring billing. Clickbank, infusionsoft, etc
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    I am 100% against using paypal....too many issues with them and freezing accts. Crazy thing is, because they are no technically a bank, they can get away with it!.....Anyways, I use ipayment to process credit cards and debit that is transfered is sent directly to your bank acct of your chosing.....good support and pretty cheap...just my two cents

    There are 2 types of people in this world....those who get it and those who don't. The ones that get it know exactly what we are talking about. The ones who don't are left scratching their heads.

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      Originally Posted by Cay78 View Post

      I am 100% against using paypal....too many issues with them and freezing accts. Crazy thing is, because they are no technically a bank, they can get away with it!
      BINGO -- personally had numerous BIG problems with LARGE amounts of money. PayPal is not a banking institution and is not FDIC ensured.

      I currently use a custom Google Checkout script to achieve all your objectives.

      However, I think that would work for everything (maybe not recurring). It integrates with any payment gateway.. and is like $9/mo flat.
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    Hey Doug,

    You might also want to take a look at and compare them to the list you have already compiled.
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      I have run through PowerPay / Authorize for a while and love our rates, our rep, and everything about it.

      My first post on the Warrior Forum!!! Woohoo!!
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        In my experience, PayPal is the best. There are a lot of great carts that you can integrate into your site that work with PayPal as well.

        You shouldn't worry about frozen accounts if your business is reputable. There's a reason that PayPal is the biggest online payment option today.
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          Unfortunately, many reputable businesses have their accounts frozen by PayPal. This happens a lot more than you would think. Even if you are the most reputable business around - PayPal has triggers in place that tell them you are at risk and they will temporarily (& automatically) freeze your account.

          Most of the time this happens when you dramatically increase how much money you bring in. Sure - most of the time you can speak with someone and explain how/why you dramatically started getting a lot more money...BUT... I would say the best bet is to accept via a merchant terminal and accept via PayPal as an added bonus to increase your conversion rate.
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    So, thus far some pros/ cons about PayPal. What about ClickBank, etc? Are there any others you can recommend?
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    Has anyone tried square? It works on smartphones.
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    Can't stand PayPal. Their policies seem to be automated and black and white which a lot of people use to scam you (automatic buyer or seller favor, people game the hell out of these disputes to get their item/service and then get their money back too). I switched to Plimus which lets me accept money from PayPal, MoneyBookers and process credit/debit cards. Am pleased with this after years of using paypal.

    I would recommend you find a service that processes CC and paypal as many online shoppers want to pay from their PP balance and they recently did away with the VCC generator. 2Checkout and Plimus are two that I know offer this feature.
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    are you US based?
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    Paypal is the cheapest to use I think.
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    Paypal is usually best due to the fact that credit card processing over the internet is extremely high risk and due to the fact that it's so high risk there is a healthy fee attached to each transaction over the web.
    Christian Credit Counselors is a non-profit organization that has been credit counseling for 20 years and our credit counselors have helped over 200,000 individuals and families get out of debt in less than 4 years.
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      Great thread for those of us looking at merchant accounts, thanks all.
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    I use 2checkout and find them really good. I personally don't trust Paypal and wouldn't rely on them for my business.

    2checkout I believe would do all of the things on your list.
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    Plimus can also be a good alternative.
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