I felt inspired this morning

by John Motson 4 replies
I have been meaning to redesign my blog for ages now and this morning had
some spare time so I gave it a go.

Foolishly I failed to take a screenshot of the previous look before I set about
redesigning but I did find a small screenshot of what the blog looked like
before at alexa.com:
dnxpert.com - Site Information from Alexa

Some warriors may have visited my blog in the past and would know what
it used to look like, for others here is the link:
Domain Name News | Domain News | Expired Domains

I'd love to hear my fellow warriors' thoughts on how I did and additionally
any suggestions on what I can still improve. I think I have to do something
to draw attention to the sign-up form as currently it's too dull and doesn't
draw attention to itself ( in the top right corner ).

Thanks in advance everyone,

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    Looks great John, a definite improvement on an already well laid out blog.

    Don't you just love it when a flash of inspiration hits and you sit back after and feel satisfied at the results!

    The only suggestions I would make is:

    • Instead of links for Advertise here, use images (more eye catching and less blank space.
    • Stack the ads in 2 columns and make the right column narrower to remove the extra space to the right of the side links. Failing that, make the recent comment etc a wider table width to remove that extra space.
    Other than that, great work!
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    Thanks guys, actually I just plugged in the OIOPublisher for advertising management for those 125x125 ads an hour ago... they should fill up once I get the word out as people have already inquired... so there won't be that much blank space.

    As for the newsletter signup form, i need ideas .

    Keep the comments coming.
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    Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

    Hi John,

    Looks good - I agree with you on the sign up. I thought it was a search box at first.

    What about moving the 2 125x125 ads over to the boxes far right, then using the space where the 4 ad boxes are on the left for your sign up form? That would be much more noticeable.

    I think I have figured it out now, moved it to the white space on the right, just above the ads.

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