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Hello Warriors,

I have been using both ebay (EPN) and adsense on my sites for a long time now and well I can honestly say that adsense just is not making the money it used to.

I used to do $200 a month not massive but still month in month out. Now its only $150. However Ebays affiliate program is well all I can say is that its on steroids. All my sites have Ebay affiliate products in and its makes so much more.

If some one clicks on adsense you will earn $0.50 but if someone clicks on ebay you will earn either £0 or you may earn £100. its truelly amazing.

I have been banging out ebay sites and forums for a while and well my plastering forum is very profitable now which is good. its gets around 150 post a day and 6k of page veiws a day. Ebay works well with it.

I think I will be changing all my sites away from adsense where possible and concentrate on promoting ebay products.... see how it goes

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    maybe you should be concentrating on building sites with better topics that pays more, check out the keyword suggestion tool to find out what are the highest bids before you start building a site. that's only my opinion
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    I am currently doing that, I have some good keyword software ect and things are looking good but at the moment ebay is out doing adsense.

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