New European Regulations: May 25th - New Rules for Cookie Placement/Implementation

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The Online Marketing Industry is becoming very interesting right now, with new ASA regulations issued on March 1st within Europe and now with the European E-Privacy wanting to control the use of cookies and the consent for the end user what affects will this have on the Online Marketing industry and the way online advertising is evolving.

You can read the article here:
BBC News - New net rules set to make cookies crumble

My personal opinion is that with this new rule coming in place CPM models will fall even further behind, which I am very happy to see. Too many companies stand by basic CPM advertising models which just do not work in this current climate.

Instead, CPA models will become more popular, yet revenue share models will probably see a decline with the change.

Other more recent advertising methods such as re-targeting and behaviourial advertising will be very difficult to implement, depending on how strict the rules and regulations are.

This is a very interesting time in Online Marketing, keen to hear other people's opinions on how this will affect online advertising and networks such as Clickbank who depend entirely on a revenue share model based on cookies being issued to the end user on a 60 day basis.
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    I can only speak for people in the UK (and as ever, I'm not a lawyer!)

    The EU legislation suggests that browsers need to give consent but the UK has ruled that as long as the majority of browsers support turning cookies off (which they do) then existing privacy policies that tell people about it are sufficient. Mostly because turning cookies off will break 90% of web applications, whether they are behavioural advertising platforms or ... Facebook.

    So the impact is pretty minimal so far.
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    It seems that this isn't enough, I am also in the UK and although browsers already have the capabilities of turning off cookies, most none computer savvy web browsers do not know how to do this or even understand what cookies are and what they are used for.

    Early work by the ICO suggests that gathering consent by changing settings on browsers may not be sophisticated enough for the demands of the directive.
    It seems that this is the problem that the E-Privacy department is highlighting, the blatent exploitation of valuable search data by end users which allows media agencies and other online web companies to expose targeted advertisements without having the consent from the end-user to collect the information in the first place.

    I believe that is the issue they are trying to resolve...
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