Steps in selling an eBook?

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I've nearly done an ebook, about 200 pages and now want to know best place to go to learn how to put it up and sell it. Can anyone recommend where I should go?
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    Originally Posted by Glengara View Post

    and now want to know best place to go to learn how to put it up and sell it.
    You are there

    Search and read - it has been explained many, many times in this forum.

    To get even better search reasults:
    go to google > type - your keyword here

    Spend some time browsing the results.

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    What is your ebook about? Clickbank is good place.
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    Here are some suggestions:

    1) create you own website and sell it on your website
    2) sell it on clickbank
    3) Sell it for the Kindle on
    4) Sell it as a print book on

    The only two that costs anything is #1 and #4 because you have to register a domain and have it hosted somewhere. Amazon charges you for the proof copy of the print book that they mail to you to approve. It costs nothing to create a Kindle book and it takes about 48 hours to have it available to sell on Amazon.

    What is your ebook about? Ever considered offering an affiliate program to get other to sell it in exchange for a commission?

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    Theoretically, once you have committed your book to print then copyright rests with you - there is no copyright on ideas but there is on a MS/book. In practice, people steal ideas, paragraphs and even whole chapters all the time. Fear of that should not stop you - you simply need to get it out there and ensure it serves its purpose for you which, I assume, is to make you money.

    Clever marketers know that their work is likely to be 'borrowed' but ensure that it contains enough links back to their site/other products/ebooks so that they may at least get some value from the entire thing being 'shared'.
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    Build a site just with an opt-in (and some hype obviously) and another with just a salesletter. Get your product on clickbank. Write some GOOD articles and spread on other sites in your niche (offer them as free content for site owners provided they link to your site "for more info"). Put your link in your sigs on all forums you frequent.

    That's for a start. Then afterwards you'll have to start increasing traffic, splittesting etc. Simple really
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    I am not sure if I missed it but could you fill us in on the exact niche you are entering or are in? that would help....

    If it is IM related post in the WSO section.

    If not, do Kindle direct publishing.

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    There's also eJunkie which hosts the book on their servers instead of yours, and it also has an affiliate commission structure built in. I think it is something like $5 to start, the fees are very low. It can be used with Paypal and other payment processors.
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    You're at the right place ;-)

    Identify your target market, find out where they hang out online, put your message in front of them.

    Targeted eyeballs is what you want.

    If you have a budget buy a solo ad from someone who has a list in the niche that your ebook is in. This should give you some data with regards to conversions and earning per click (EPC) if you want to go down the route of affiliates.

    Good luck :-)

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    WOW thanks for all the input everyone. I just did my first eBook as well and am just starting to get found and know I will be implimenting a ton of these ideas.
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      You can post your ebook offer on forums. Some forums have a special section for posting offers, so here at the Warrior forum, there's the WSO section for you to post offers related to IM related products. The upside of doing forum marketing is that you already have targeted traffic and don't have to spend weeks or months getting your site to rank high on google from scratch.
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    I actually just recommended this guide to someone else the other day, I may as well mention it to you too

    Tiffany Dow has a truly excellent guide that explains how to create and market eBooks in any niche. It's called Building an eBook Empire; you can find it at

    I would definitely check it out; I found it to be extremely thorough, and she writes from personal experience, since she's had a lot of success in this area.

    Just in case you're interested!
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    The hardest would be how to get a lot of people buy the ebook, it's not the matter of putting it in somewhere like clickbank and wait the cash rolls, eh?

    BTW to OP, you can try also other websites like paydotcom, unlike clickbank, they're free for the first product


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    I started selling my ebook from a blogger blog and having it hosted at payloadz, which has a free service to start. You can use excerpts from the ebook to begin adding content to the blog. You can use a free list service to start building a list by offering a free chapter. Also things like twitter can be used to promote it as you add blog posts. I was a newbie and non of this was too hard. Good luck.
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    I sold my first ever eBook 7 years ago... what I did was build a squeeze page which then directed them to a sales letter for the eBook. Then I had follow-up autoresponder messages that gave solid content and encouraged them to go back to the sales letter. Simple but it works.

    With your 200 page eBook, you might be better splitting it up into 5-6 modules and 2-3 'Bonus Reports'. I find that increases the conversion rate, probably because customers think they are getting 'more'. Same content, different format.

    I also find by reading the content into a microphone and recording it with 'Audacity' to create MP3's, I can usually charge more than just the eBooks alone... without affecting the conversion rate. Something to think about.

    Hope that helps.

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