Derrrrrrr - Me Sloth - I Make Monies Online!

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That is my best impersonation of Sloth from the Goonies, what do you think?

Lately I've been feeling like this business is too easy and really if you can't make money from it then you must be as slow as Sloth and as lazy as Chunk. (I love the Goonies)

Here is my exact roadmap/blueprint/treasure map (any other wanky term the sales pages use) to success. I don't care if this thread gets 5 views, its still worth more than 95% of the ebooks out there. I am one arrogant prick huh

Affiliate Networks
Go to shareasale/cj/clickbank/clickbooth/markethealth/associate programs or any other affiliate network I see mentioned.

Find a Market
Pick out a market... Forex, Weight Loss, Skin Care . The bigger and broader the better.

Find a HEAP of Products
Find roughly 50 - 100 products in the niche across the affiliate networks. Anything less than that isn't worth my time. Who cares about keyword research, this many products eliminates keyword research because derrr, obviously if there are that many product available there is a market for it.

Categorize Them
Split up the products into 4 categories. So for Forex it might be, 'Software', 'Signals', 'Brokers', 'Courses'. Build a page highly targeted towards each category name.

Build The Site
I build a review style site, a massive one. I bought the Conduit Method recently and they are similar to my sites although I could never put it as concisely as Chris. For one I waffle, secondly he is about 100 times more knowledgeable than I am

Fill it With Content
I don't waste time with 3 or 4 page sites, I build an authority site straight off the bat. This approach isn't for everyone, but if you've got money to invest and time to make it work its far more profitable in the long run. If you want to write articles for the rest of your life go right ahead, but pouring that effort into your own site is far more beneficial in my opinion.

Fill It With More Content
Now, each product has 2 pages. 1 is optimized for the product name. The other page is targeted towards the 'product name review' . The product page is an completely unbiased account of the product. Specifications, testimonials etc. The kind of details you'd see on a sales page but without the hype. The second page is full of 'user contributed reviews'. So, I look completely legit because my review is totally unbiased and then i have a bunch of customers contributing reviews as well which gives me even more credibility. If you don't have any customer reviews to put in, make up a few for your top rated products to get the ball rolling.

I put maybe 20 - 30 articles on the site initially and have 20 - 30 more ready to add at one per week.

I outsource some link building, mass article submission for maybe 10 of the articles. I also outsource all the usual traffic building monotonous tasks like blog commenting and forum posting.

In a nutshell that's it! Do exactly that and be willing to spend about $1000 to get things going and your site will make at least 10 times that in its first year, at a minimum I would think.

This isn't some pre launch tactic for a WSO (i dont sell ebooks). No trap to get you to optin to my list (puppets don't need IM lists). I don't have to worry about sharing this information because ITS AVAILABLE FOR FREE everywhere.

Have Fun! Go Make Some Cash
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    Mike this is great stuff. Yeah, it's what I call the "Kitchen Sink Approach".
    It's actually my old partner (who skipped town with the business) and I
    designed web sites for our customers. We just loaded it up with tons of

    One of those sites ( is probably out best effort. Of course
    I don't know what they've done with the site since we left it (6 years ago)
    but at the time, is was a real authority site.

    Folks, check it out (I have no vested interest in it anymore) and see what
    they did with this thing.

    I think at one time their Alexa rank was about 9,000. I have no idea what
    it is now.

    Anyway, great post, but it is a lot of work if you do it yourself. And we
    didn't get paid nearly as much as we should have for the job.

    ** EDIT ** I just checked the site for the heck of it. They killed it. They
    took down all our work, gutted the design and it looks like crap. Their
    Alexa rank is now down to about 5 million.

    Idiots. LOL
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    Goonies rocks! My favorite from my childhood. "Hey you guys!" and "Baby Ruth!" are classic lines.

    Great roadmap, but it is sooo much work when it is done yourself. Outsourcing definitely helps. I've tried this method before and got marginal success. It is all the article writing that drains you. Then you got to go market it and social bookmark it and it becomes hard work.

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