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Sms marketing has just arrived!
Few minutes ago i just uploaded video Sms marketing related.

Hope i will receive some "thanks" if anyone will like the video

Video is not done my me, but may be distributed freely.
Here comes the link:
(its is not a promo whatsoever, only sms marketing webinar)

Thank you.
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    Can't seem to play the video, but thanks anyway for wanting to share this with us.

    Don't have the time to write emails that will get opened, read and your reader to take action then leave me a message. I will get back to you within 48 hrs.

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    That's a video from the useful OfferVault webinar series, anyone can join for free to access the archive of webinars generally related to CPM marketing. He has started providing handy/small mp3 download versions.

    I just researched the tacked on short codes local real estate agents are adding to their signs, Text House34 to 444888.

    The 444888 shortcode is owned by a company using it for a variety of promotion services.

    They indicate that a dedicated vanity short code has minimum cost of $2,500/month.

    I'm not connected, just wanted to share my research on this related subject:
    starts @ 500 messages, 1 Keyword $69.00 / month, for one on of their services, others are $69.99 – $750.00/month.

    Texting For Real Estate Increase Your Productivity by 15% Try it Free for 30 days!

    1 listing $24.95 / mo 2 - 10 listings $49.95 / mo

    I have been enlightening local agents on the value of QR codes.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    fyi we pay $1000/month for our vanity short code...

    the 444888 maybe considered more exclusive but i think ours is more memorable as it uses 3 pairs of sequential numbers ie 112233 however i am not disclosing the number yet as we are still in the progress of setting it up
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      Thanks for this!
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    that is amazing, great video and pretty detailed one. Thanks

    Get in early for the launch of a new sales platform:

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    not that new but people are getting results with this, in fact it targets better then social networks.
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    I can't seem to find the video. Will someone give me the link.


    Affiliate links are not allowed.

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    Thanks for sharing this video, this is something we really need now a days and sms marketing is a form of marketing with the help of which more and more people can be targeted...
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