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I need to generate large amounts of traffic to my Clickbank products, does anybody have any suggestions on how I can do this?

Many Thanx,
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    You have written your own or are you an affiliate? This is important....

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    Use the search bar in the forum and search for traffic

    You will find loads of information.

    Whatever you do just choose a few
    techniques and become great at those techniques. Don't try to do every
    technique under the sun as you may get overwhelmed.

    I personally use

    1. Facebook
    2. Youtube
    3. Forums
    4. Blogging
    5. Blog commenting
    6. Recently started with a few banner ads

    Goodluck man. Just another quick tip I push all my traffic to
    a squeeze page. Building a list is my top priority.
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    One thing is to get JV Partners. Get affiliates to promote for you. If 1000 Affilitates promote to a list of 5,000 each. See the amount that you can sell. Hope this helps

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    The best way to generate large amounts of traffic to your products is to recruit affiliates to sell your product. Every affiliate specializes in certain things. Some affiliates specialize in email marketing. Others specialize in Pay Per Click. Still others specialize in Search Engine Optimization. Be sure to create an Affiliate Page that has resources for all these types of affiliates. Once you have an affiliate page, come to Warrior Forum and post your affiliate program in the Affiliate Program Database found on the warrior forum home page. That will cost you $100, but a few good affiliates can earn you a substantial residual income. Put a link in your signature to your Affiliate Program Database thread, or you can link it straight to your Affiliate Page. Then participate in discussions such as these so that you will get affiliate traffic. Follow these steps and soon your affiliates will be bringing in massive traffic to your website.
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  • Thanx guys, for your help
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    There are tons of examples where you can drive traffic to your affiliate products.

    Facebook for example have over 60 million users. What tremendous traffic.

    However there ways and means on how to draw this traffic in like winding up your fishing line.
    There are skills to be learned:

    Click on the link to get an idea what I am talking about.


    Here are some other examples of drawing traffic:

    1. Newsletters
    2. Email Signatures
    3. Articles
    4. Classified Ads
    5. Online Giveaways
    6. Social Bookmarking
    7. Video Marketing
    8. H.A.R.O
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