How to cope up with the technology changes? How have you done it?

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I just want to know how to change our algorithms according to the changing search engine's algorithms.

For an instance, if we do a lot of link building through all legitimate ways like article marketing, and we bring our site to top page of Google.And after a while, our whole strategy is claimed to be illegal and penalized, how should we respond? How should we come back from the set-back?

I see Internet Marketers here of more than 10 years experience, how do you people adapt and change to this changes?

Please guide us Warriors!

P.S What is Google panda all about? I need it from knowledgeable Warriors here!
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    The easiest way is to build something with value.

    If you try to play catch with search engines, you are doomed to failure.

    That does not mean that SEO does not work.

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      HMM yeah..

      I started off as an Article writer(Can write now as well), learning a lot about the Internet Giant(Of couse it cannot be mastered), stepped into SEO(Going on smoothly) and also a JAVA programmer by profession.

      I always ponder upon the thought of how ppl withstand in this ever-changing field! And that is what I wanted to know about!

      As of now, am planning to build an application useful for business using my JAVA skills.Lets see how far it goes and what comes next
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