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The "way"

I have been on this forum for quite some time now and fellow warriors I am a bit dissapointed in the quality of threads. 90% of people here do their shameless self promotion and selling reharshed old stuff that I'we seen many years ago buying WSO's here. I would like to reflect to the newcomers - people who just entered warrior forum and are moving from one side to the other to find that "secret" that the gurus are not letting out. There is no secret, there is no magic pill that you will drink and make you instant rich over night. There is only the way to success. The way involves learning curves and one thing that 99.9% of you here don't like and avoid by buying the next great product -> "WORK".

Try reading the successful threads and you will always find few things that are always there: determination, persistance, focus and work - and I do mean a lot of it. I am not trying to bash anybody nor I think money will make you insanely happy and solve all your problems in life.

To see the big picture start drawing the details piece by piece. It is a dead simple formula for making cash and it is all evolved around "supply and demand". Make simple notes what you would like to have in your life (not the amount of $$$). You are dead wrong if you think your goal is to make xyz amount in a month or a day. The money is not the goal it is just a way to reach your goal.

You are probably having like bunch of WSO's on your hard drive and you spent a truck load of cash on PPC or the bank is knocking on your door. Well then you my friend need a plan. It is proven that people who write down their goals and ideas have more chance of making them a reality.

Let me tell you something. You DON'T need another method for making cash. You DON'T need a mentor to show you HOW. You DON'T need to have lots of cash to invest. (I almost sound like a pitch here).

Google is your best buddy when it comes to information and 80% of the information on the internet is for free - all you need is a right question to ask in the search bar. I didn't know squat about making websites 7 years ago - I took a learning curve and start learning. I didn't even know the difference between CPA and affiliate marketing. I did not learn it from some WSO who opened my eyes to millions, I found it on the internet for free.

Let me give you one head's up about looking for help from others. Either they will charge you for the time or you will get so little help from someone who probably know even less then you know about the whole IM picture. And the "big" boys just don't have time for your c*$ap.

Nobody says this is easy. There is no push button software that will make you millions just by pushing it.

Start with the basic stuff and evolve from there - money will come if you are persistant and determined to win.

You might fail the first 10 times
Sorry no pat on the back there. Still there are some very valuable members on this forum.
Don't overlook what you already know - use that in you advantage
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    This guy gave away the magic pill.... He is telling the truth. There is only so much you can learn before you have to go try it yourself. The beginning might not always work, but you'll eventually get there.
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      Originally Posted by RARMediaGroup View Post

      This guy gave away the magic pill.... He is telling the truth. There is only so much you can learn before you have to go try it yourself. The beginning might not always work, but you'll eventually get there.
      I understand. Well we are living in times were we have everything instant. Instant headche pill, instant coffee. So why not make a instant get rich quick guide that will show you the "secret" to success
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        This post tells the truth here. This is actually a very good tip for myself. I got lots of information with me but just don't know what to do with it most of the time and got lost and fail! . Well, that's what you get when you want to learn and not trusting the free info on the
        Good post man!
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          Quilst hit the nail on the head with his post. I have been on this forum for almost as long as he has, and I too, notice the lack of direction among many new comers here. Let us all get together and start making this place more newbie-friendly like it once was!
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    That's a great way of looking at it. The analogy I like to use is that Internet Marketing is like a shovel. You're using the shovel because your goal is to provide for your family and a better quality of life. Love the quality of life, not the shovel! The shovel is only a means to an end. Better tools will come around. But they are still only tools. Use them to your advantage and you will succeed at accomplishing your goals.
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