Old fashion writing technique to boost productivity

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3 Years ago, I didn't know what had happened to me. I was getting sick of typing and typing. It wasn't the writer's block, I know. Because I never have this problem at all. Creativity and imagination wise, I'm as good as a young kid. I was just sick of going near to that com-puke-ter.

One day I moved my computer to my aunt's house. It is about 100 km away. Nothing hi-tech in my place. If I had to write, I had to use pen, pencil and sharpener, eraser, and paper -- plenty of it!

This was tedious. I had to drive 100 km just to use the computer. And I had to type in everything that I've written at one shot. To save time, I must prepare all the work on paper first before typing it into computer.

Then I realized something strange...

I no longer hate computer. Strange... maybe a cure to those who suddenly hate the computer one day. I guess absence make the heart goes fonder

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    Good point, pen and paper works really well. I also find just getting out from behind my computer and driving to a coffee shop with my notebook helps a lot. I can sit here for ages with lots of ideas and nothing typed up, then I move to a different environment and typing it up becomes so easy.


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    These days you can put your pen-and-paper writing right into your computer with a pretty good accuracy...
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    Dmitry is correct w/ that and there is always voice directed programs that will type your speak.
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    I like to write rough drafts of my articles and BMR posts in a notebook at night while I watch television. In the morning, I type them out on my computer. For some reason, this is more motivating for me than doing it all on the computer.
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      I love to write with pencil (no pens) and paper. The simple act of the pencil sliding across paper seems to boost my creativity and produces more ideas than staring at a blinking cursor.

      My problem is my handwriting is so terrible I can't read what I have written.
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    I always write my notes/rough draft on paper.
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    Check out Dragon Naturally Speaking. It takes a while to setup and is a little pricey, but if you hate typing it's the next best solution.
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    I was sick recently and told to take a 'complete rest'. That meant no computer! How was I going to live? Found it wasn't that difficult, ideas flooded into my mind, so I wrote them out on paper. And now, back on the computer with renewed energy. LOL, only problem is, I know have to interpret my handwriting, no wonder my teachers all had grey hair:-).
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