The rise and fall of an IMer, beware of what you sell!

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Terence Brown had no motive behind making his digital terror manual other than to get rich quick.
He had no terrorist sympathies or political ideologies - he was simply in it for the money.
His handbook, The Anarchist's Cookbook, took the form of two CDs that could be ordered from his website of the same name for US $35 (£24) a time.

Brown's website, which he used to sell the manual from his unremarkable terraced home, has since been removed from the internet by police.
The selling of his "cookbook" went on for five years between 2003 and 2008.
Brown pulled together information from a variety of sources to make his CDs, which contained thousands of pages of information.
As well as the al-Qaeda advice, the CDs included extracts from the Mujahideen Poisons Book and instructions on how to build improvised explosive devices

BBC News - Terror 'cookbook' writer from Portsmouth driven by cash

The lesson here is 'Be wary of what you are selling'

Brown told the jury during the three-week trial that he only did it to make money, that the information was freely available on the internet and that he had no sympathy with terrorists.

He was convicted of seven counts of collecting information that could have been used to prepare or commit acts of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000, two counts of selling and distributing the information under the Terrorism Act 2006 and a further count under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Brown closed his eyes as the first guilty verdict was delivered by the foreman after less than four hours of deliberations.

The court heard that Brown had previously served a jail term for counterfeiting software.
Mr Justice Blair adjourned the case for sentencing at Winchester on Friday.

He granted Brown bail but warned him: "A custodial sentence of some length is inevitable given the gravity of these offences."
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    Originally Posted by Valdor Kiebach View Post

    Terence Brown had no motive behind making his digital terror manual other than to get rich quick.

    You could say the same about an arms dealer or drug dealer - Most of them are only doing it to get rich.

    Anyone selling 'how to build a bomb' manual is asking for trouble and to say "but I'm just providing information - it's up to them if they build a bomb and use it" is hardly going to be a defence.

    There a lot of unscrupulous people who will sell 'anything' to make a buck but some people seem to forget all about the law while they do it. I'm sure some of them are just ignorant and never really thought it through, but is it really hard to tell when you've crossed the line between an business opportunity and breaking the law?

    If in doubt - don't do it.

    nothing to see here.

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    As I said The lesson here is 'Be wary of what you are selling'

    I think the further count under the Proceeds of Crime Act is a bit of overkill though.
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      So, who exactly were his audience?

      I don't suppose many housewives are interested in building IED's (poisoning their husbands, maybe).

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        I've heard about this product, but I thought it was just a myth.

        I guess a friend of mine had it on his hard drive when I was on a LAN party and I took a look at it.

        Maybe a lot of jackasses bought it who thought they are going to blow some stuff up or something. I just browsed through the pages real quick.

        I think there is enough legal material out there for you to sell, so avoid endangering your freedom for quick profit.


        I want to add that I wouldn't recommend trying such crazy things out like those mentioned in the book out. I like my hands right where they are.

        Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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          Sounds like a Kevin Trudeau swindel lol.
          It is better to dare mighty things & win glorious triumphs, even if checked by failure...than to rank with poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.~T. Roosevelt

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