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I've been trying to get a start for awhile now. I don't have any list at all, my budget is very limited as I receive disability which barely pays for living expenses. I do have over 3,000 friends on Facebook though, people I share interests with.

I have been told to do giveaways but they always ask me to upgrade which I can't do and the only promotion i could do is writing on my FB Wall,.

Heck, money is so tight that I can't pay somebody on Fiverr $5 to get me backlinks so I am doing everything manually myself.

I have created a book, which first draft is about 148 pages but I am going to go back and elaborating on certain areas so it will probably be closer to 200 pages when finished. I thought about having other marketers send the first part of the book free to their list.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I have not always been in my current situation, up until 02 i was earning mid 6 figures a year
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    You could sell your book as a WSO here to make lots or just use it as a money generating tool to invest in other IM activities.

    Recent domain flips : $8->$1000 Social recruiting Software dot com $8->$2000
    Invest in domains without the hard work !
    Email for details...Mike McAleer at me dot com

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    I know everyone says that "the money is in the list" and I do believe that but - I still don't have a list and I make a full time income online. The list and the income aren't mutually exclusive so x that off your list as an excuse.

    as for marketing without resources, I think that there is plenty that you can do these days without big startup costs. I did everything myself when I started and it was a HUGE decision for me to buy a piece of IM software or a course.

    sending you a PM
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    What is the ebook about? That kind of product (the way it sounds) can get you far, all you need is some start up budget to get things running.

    However, you seem not to be in that position so here's what we can do. Just pm me your email and I'll email you a free copy of my wso (signature). That should help you get started and make enough in a few days to be able to afford promotion of your ebook.

    I hope you are having a great day!

    All the best,
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    Free way to make money . . .

    1. set up affiliate "sniper" sites using blogger, squidoo, hubpages,, typedpad, etc (basic pre-sell review sites)

    2. Get a free autoresponder from (you can upgrade later when your making money) or (I have a paid autoresponder using Imnica mail (only $9 a month) but also use autosenders free acccount). Send a message every three or four days that has some good tips and leave a sublte link to the product you are promoting or to a presell page. On the 7th and 10th messages send very strong sales promo for the product you are promoting.

    3. Write articles and link to your sniper blogs (they have pre-sell pages and opt-forms in the sidebar) and also to a separate squeeze page (set up on blogger for free).

    4. More articles and backlinks. You can spin the articles or re-write each one so you can use it on each blog if needed or on more than one. You can get easy backlinks and even a little traffic by using social bookmarking sites like and pinging these bookmarks will help too

    The important thing is to take action. Make a list of things you want to accomplish each day like "one sniper site" or "write 3 articles" and DO IT! This is simple summary of my wso.

    Hope this helps PM me with any questions or ask here
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