Guest Posts: Experts Wanted :)

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I would like to increase the number of pages, posts on three of my blogs and am running into the proverbial wall as far as getting content that's well thought out and appealing. It's hard to switch hats and come up with info for each one of these topics on a consistent basis.

Question for the experts here, How do I go about getting guest posts on Finance (investing in forex), motivation (personal motivation) and online persuasion (marketing)?

I would like to have the posts be very specific and would prefer informative material.

So, the questions I keep coming up with are, where do I find someone who would do this? and more importantly, what can I do for them, in return?

The biggest drawback is that even though I have pretty low alexa ratings, they aren't there yet. So, someone who has a website with a high rank isn't going to get any benefit from this relationship.

I'm sure there are ways to get these experts to share the information and help out with this.

So, how have you done this?

thanks much,
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