Posting Articles to Blog or Page on WP Site?

by covert
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Converting all of my sites to WP...

Just need to know, that when I post a new article do I:

1. Post it to the blog part of the site
2. Post it as a page which is not part of the blog
3. Both
4. Spin it then post it to both

Thanks in advance,

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    Pages are for static material: About, Contact, Privacy Policy, etc.

    Posts are for your articles.

    Do not post an article multiple times on the same site. At best it is worthless, at worst it is spammy.

    Cathy Stucker,
    Get Content, Get Links - Free!

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      I think it's nice to post it as blog, because almost all the users do not navigate on every pages if you want your article to be seen it's advisable to post it as a blog.
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    I think you have to set up the configuration of it. There is configuration that you have to chose a "Static Page"!
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    I suggest you to go with the 1st:

    Post it to the blog part of the site
    I don't have a signature dude!
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      DO NOT SPIN that stuff and put it on your site. Spend the time to make great unique content that really says something. When you do that, your website will really shine.

      If you put your articles elsewhere on the web for exposure, there's no need to spin. Syndicate your content in its entirety and link it back to some sort of landing page that draws them in further.

      Quality handcrafted PLR articles made by me, a mental health professional and freelance writer

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    Ok to be more specific to my situation...

    I have a main site with a blog, that I update regularly...

    I also have many other sites that are for specific products. All are in a similar niche, but I want to get good SEO for all of the pages/sites.

    I have tested WP sites with just articles as pages, and on some of them, I am getting 20 uniques per day on a site where the articles were posted 2 years ago...

    I don't want to have a blog for each site (about 15-20 sites) because that seems like a lot. However if using a blog on each site as an article repository of sorts would work better than being on pages, I would understand that.

    I want to make sure I am optimized and at the same time not doing extra work that is not needed, such as having a blog on each WP install (all sites are being updated to WP themes).

    Thanks for all the great answers...

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      Originally Posted by covert View Post

      Ok to be more specific to my situation...
      You have to be even more specific...

      a) are this just minisites of 4-5 "articles" that are never ever updated? (sounds like that from your description)

      b) if you don't want to "have a blog for each site"... why are you converting them to WP?

      c) if you are not able to describe the structure of your content that is going to be converted to WP... nobody can give you any useful answer. They are just guessing

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    I say post to blog only

    With Best Regards Tace Thompson.

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    1. Using WP because it picks up the search engines better than my PHP pages.

    2. Easy to use and update

    3. The pages will be optimized for specific keywords for each article. Can someone please explain the difference between a post and a page as far as SEO? Not sure I understand why the post is better.

    The structure is Sales page for product-> With Article Pages designed to drive traffic to sight for people to see content then purchase.

    My goal is to provide excellent content through articles, videos, mp3 files and then having a good offer... Which I do.

    Just so it is clear. I have been marketing and selling online since 2001 successfully, and now I am changing over from html and php to WP. Since I really don't want to guess at it, I am just trying to find the best way to post my content as it relates to the searches on the keywords and them coming back to my site.

    I will also be placing the articles in directories such as EZA as well.

    Thanks again,

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    I tend to post to my blog, wait for it to get indexed and then republish to EZA et al where appropriate.

    Sometimes however if I just want some quick backlinks I'll post a short article to some instant approval directories. This isn't poor content per se but it generally wouldn't be considered worthy of my blog(s).
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    There is a myth stating that google and/or search engines like better WordPress sites than other type of websites. It is not true...

    What every search engine likes is the updated content: per definitionem blogs get new and new content regularly. Additionally, if you use a well-coded theme and you don't make a big mess with your posts (like copying from M$ Word) then the well structured html output can also be helpful to a small extent.

    Also: when making posts, WP will automatically ping the update services telling them about your new content. By default WP does NOT ping anything when you create a new Page (in WP lingo Pages are with capital P).

    So, I will say it again: if it is an "evergreen" mini-site that will not get new articles (to use your term) ever... you can use either posts or Pages. Although it's an overkill to use WP. <= my personal opinion

    If you plan to update your content (i.e. adding new articles), I'd suggest using posts.
    Posts also can belong to different categories (while Pages don't):


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    Thanks for the insights...

    Sounds like posts are the way to go.
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    Definitely posts! If you want to submit your RSS feed to different directory's they won't see much in the feed. Because WordPress shows only posts.
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