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I've noticed Plagium being recommended to check articles for uniqueness.

I've just tried it and find it uses the Yahoo API so whilst the article did not appear in Yahoo, it was listed in Google!

I don't think you can beat Copyscape.

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    I haven't found any checker that is perfect. I agree that Copyscape is often better than Plagium, but neither is infallible. Copyscape catches things Plagium doesn't and vice versa.

    I also use Google to check for uniqueness. Just pull a line or two from the material and plug it in to a Google search. Again, not perfect, but useful.

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    I actually get MUCH better results using Plagium than Copyscape.

    But for best results, use both. One uses Google and one uses Yahoo. Article writers that plagiarize really know how to beat Copyscape (it's pretty easy to beat), but Plagium will catch them.

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    Using both is your best bet if you need reliable results.

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    Another vote for both. Never hurts to double check to get reliable results.
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    well at least there are two tools to be used and more the merrier in this sector
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