need some tips to run email marketing campaign

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how to run email campaign and send marketing mails to non subscribed users?

Any special tips to send marketing emails to unknown users?

Will this convert?
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    If I'm understanding your question right, you want a way to market to people that haven't opted in to your email list?

    If that's the question, the answer is simple... don't do it. It makes you a spammer.

    And, aside from being illegal, it doesn't work. After all, would YOU respond favorably to someone who just randomly started emailing you their sales pitches?
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      is there a good way to do that or send invitation to check your deal etc? what does email marketing software and websites do, are they useful?
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        Yes websites are effective, but it's not a quick fix. You still have to drive traffic, legitimate traffic to your site. As mentioned email campaigns like you're talking about will get you blacklisted as a spammer. And even if they didn't you are looking at a very low quality lead as opposed to other methods.
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