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A blogger has his bio on the about me/about us page. How important is that?
Does it hurt for a blogger to remain anonymous or he/she must post something on the about me/about us page?
What could be the outcomes if someone chooses to remain anonymous on his/her blog but answers questions related to the profile which are sent via private messages(as in email etc)?
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    There is no harm in being anon. Really depends on the type of blog, do you want to have a personal connection with your readers? If so then it would be important for people to know who you are. Typical blogs don't really need the about me page, just focus on the content that will be read.
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      Some sort of about me page is good when you are trying to build long term relationships because it is a fixed permanent easily accessible place for people to learn more about your company.

      But I think a contact us type of page is even more important.

      I always use a contact us type page on a blog but only use an about me type of page when I feel it will convey important information to the type of visitor I am looking to attract.
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    It's ok to put an 'about me' page on your blog espcially if it is an inspirational or personal blog. It somehow sets a connection between the site owner and the site visitors.
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